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8 Best Killua Zoldyck Quotes from Hunter x Hunter

1- “When I say it doesn’t hurt me, that means I can bear it.” – Killua Zoldyck

2- People only find me interesting because they can’t tell whether I’m serious or not. – Killua Zoldyck

3- Nanika, will you forgive me for being a bad big brother? – Killua Zoldyck

4- Assassination — It’s the family trade. We all take it up. My folks see me as an exceptional prospect. But I don’t see that I should have to live up to their expectations. – Killua Zoldyck

5- Who wants to have their life planned out for them?” – Killua Zoldyck

6- “Gon, you are light. But sometimes you shine so brightly, I must look away… Even so, is it still okay if I stay at your side?” – Killua Zoldyck

7- We didn’t do anything.. our enemies did.” – Killua Zoldyck

8- “Not killing people is really hard. Clean living is tough.” – Killua Zoldyck


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