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30 Best L Lawliet quotes from Death note

L Lawliet quotes

30 Best L Lawliet quotes from Death note

1-“There is no heaven or hell. No matter what you do while you’re alive, everybody goes to the same place once you die. Death is Equal.” – L Lawliet

2-“It’s not a sense of justice. Figuring out difficult cases is my hobby. If you measured good and evil deeds by current laws, I would be responsible for many crimes. The same way you all like to solve mysteries and riddles, or clear video games more quickly. For me too, it’s simply prolonging something I enjoy doing. That’s why I only take on cases that pique my interest. It’s not justice at all. And if it means being able to clear a case, I don’t play fair, I’m a dishonest, cheating human being who hates losing.” – L Lawliet

3-“Why are you staring at me? Are you annoyed that I am the only one who has cake? ” – L Lawliet

4-“I have two rules: First, I’m never wrong. Second, if I’m wrong… back to the first rule. ” – L Lawliet

5-“Sometimes, the questions are complicated – and the answers are simple. ” – L Lawliet

6-“after Misa-chan says that she can’t imagine a world without Light Hmmm… Yes, it would be dark! ” – L Lawliet

7-“There are… many types of monsters in this world: Monsters who will not show themselves and who cause trouble; monsters who abduct children; monsters who devour dreams; monsters who suck blood, and… monsters who always tell lies. Lying monsters are a real nuisance. They are much more cunning than other monsters. They pose as humans even though they have no understanding of the human heart. They eat even though they’ve never experienced hunger. They study even though they have no interest in academics. They seek friendship even though they do not know how to love. If I were to encounter such a monster, I would likely be eaten by it. Because in truth, I am that monster. ” – L Lawliet

8-“after touching Misa’s butt and getting away with it This is an outrage… taking advantage of this situation! I assure you, I will get to the bottom of this! ” – L Lawliet

9-“Then let me ask you, do gods of death love apples? ” – L Lawliet

10-“Being alone is better than being with the wrong person. ” – L Lawliet

11-“The bells are very loud today. ” – L Lawliet

12-“If you use your head, you won’t get fat even if you eat sweets. ” – L Lawliet

13-“Learn to treasure your life because unfortunately, it can be taken away from you anytime. ” – L Lawliet

14-“If you keep my secret, this strawberry is yours. ” – L Lawliet

15-“I don’t sit like this because I want to. I have to sit like this. If I were to sit normally, my deductive skills will immediately be reduced by roughly 40%. ” – L Lawliet

16-“I haven’t said anything about letting them commit murder…yet ” – L Lawliet .

17-“Actually, if you’re smart, you can eat sweets without gaining weight. ” – L Lawliet

18-“Risking your life and doing something that could easily rob you of your life are exact opposites. ” – L Lawliet

19-“This isn’t divine jugdement. It’s the work of some childish killer who’s playing at divine retribution. That’s all. ” – L Lawliet

20-“Kira is childish and he hates losing… I’m also childish and hate to lose. That’s how I know. ” – L Lawliet

21-“Let’s show him…that the good guys always win. ” – L Lawliet

22-“Let’s value our lives. ” – L Lawliet

23-“If I sit like a normal person my investigative abilities are only working at 50% efficiency. ” – L Lawliet

24-“Light-kun, please get Misa to shut up. ” – L Lawliet

25-“No matter how gifted you are… You, alone, cannot change the world. ” – L Lawliet

26-“He, who attacks first, always wins. ” – L Lawliet

27-“Light-kun is my only friend. ” – L Lawliet

28-“If you don’t get serious about this…I’ll kick you. ” – L Lawliet

29-“I give you the strawberry if you keep it a secret. ” – L Lawliet

30-“Will you be eating that cake?…say what you want, but I will be taking the cake. ” – L Lawliet


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