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12 best Orochimaru Quotes From Naruto

12 best Orochimaru Quotes From Naruto

1- “Maybe, just maybe, there is no purpose in life… but if you linger a while longer in this world, you might discover something of value in it.” – Orochimaru

2- “Either people change or they die before they do. It’s one or the other.” – Orochimaru

orochimaru quotes

3- “It’s human nature not to realize the true value of something unless they lose it.” – Orochimaru

4- “There probably isn’t any meaning in life. Perhaps you can find something interesting to do while you are alive. Like how you found that flower. Like how I found you.” – Orochimaru

5- The body ages, but the mind is immortal. – Orochimaru

orochimaru quotes

6- I want to master all techniques to understand the truth of this world. – Orochimaru

7- Darkness. When everything that you know and love is taken away from you so harshly. All you can think about is anger, hatred and even revenge. And no one can save you. – Orochimaru

8- You know how the game of chess is played… pieces must be sacrificed! – Orochimaru

orochimaru quotes

9- (To Kabuto, talking about Tsunade) “The best medicines always taste bitter.” – Orochimaru

10- Hate only gives birth to even more hate. – Orochimaru

orochimaru quotes

11- Either people change or they die before they do. It’s one or the other. – Orochimaru

orochimaru quotes

12 – When there is a true desire in the heart and that desire is strong… That is when he finds real strength that even he did not know he had! – Orochimaru


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