Top 15 Anime with Guns That Make the genre Outsatnding

Everyone loves watching action-packed anime. The enjoyment goes up one level if there are firearms involved. Maybe because most anime action scenes are so over the top that they don’t seem real. But, with guns, the fights seem more realistic and fun. Of course, the supernatural and exaggerated aspects of these combat scenes what makes anime truly enjoyable. 

While not all the anime on this list have realistic fights, they contain amazing action scenes featuring guns. Here are 17 series for gun anime lovers. 

1. Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon needs no introduction if you are a lover of anime with guns. This series has lots of cool action scenes with firearms.

Black Lagoon revolves around a normal office person, Rokuro. Tired of his mundane daily tasks, he is happy to travel for once for work given by his company. All goes up in smoke when he gets kidnapped by mercenaries as a bargaining tool against his boss. 

Needlessly to say, it fails as Rokuro is betrayed and abandoned to fend for himself alone in the middle of the sea. Determined to survive, he joins the mercenary group Lagoon Company. 

Now, given the nickname Rock by his new comrades must adapt to the new lifestyle of crime and corruption while trying to maintain his morals and values. But it’s not easy as the Lagoon Company’s base is in the city of Roanapur, where people die on a regular basis. 

2. Trigun


As a 90s classic, Trigun is not well-known to the fans of recent times. But it’s still an anime that’s beloved by many because of its interesting cast of characters and amazing gunfights.

Vash the Stampede is a vile criminal with a huge bounty on his head. He is known as the Humanoid Typhoon due to the atrocities he committed. But it turns out that he is a kind and caring person who never killed a person before. He is just an unfortunate person who is dragged into all sorts of trouble and gets crimes pinned on him because of the bad rumors.

Bounty hunters all over the world are always chasing after Vash for his large bounty. But a girl called Meryl has a different reason. She wants to bring him to justice for his crimes. 

Vash’s mastery of the gun is almost unmatched in the series. He is usually a goofy and funny character, but when his skills are needed, no one is more reliable than Vash. You would definitely love Trigun if you are a fan of action anime with firearms and a cool main character with a tragic past.

3. Jormungand


Jormungand is an anime about trading arms, so, naturally, there will be guns. While there are many action scenes with rifles and machine guns, it has quite a rich plot too.

Johnathan Mar also known as Jonah is a child soldier with a deep hatred for firearms. Despite that, he had to take up guns to survive and gets employed by an arms dealer called Koko Hekmatyar. At the start, he naturally didn’t like Koko. But as time goes on, their relationship improves to the point, Jonah protects her with his body in the line. Later it’s revealed that Koko dreams of a world with war. For that, she plans on taking over the world’s information network using a quantum computer she devised. But Jonah isn’t sure if her way is truly the right one, so he parts away with Koko in a search for answers.

4. Golgo 13

Golgo 13

Golgo 13 is a familiar name in the otaku world. The manga is the longest-running manga in history. It depicts the story of a deadly assassin who kills criminals with absolute precision.

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Duke Togo is a hitman for hire. He will kill anyone as long as he is given the right price. His skills with guns are uncanny with almost 100% accuracy. No matter who stands in his way, Togo is never defeated and will fulfill the contract made with the employer. His main weapon for assassination is a customized M-16 rifle. 

The danger may feel lackluster because of the main characters’ overwhelming might. But it’s interesting how Togo finds new ways to finish his targets every time. It’s a must anime to watch for every gun nerd. 

5. Gunslinger Girl

Gunslinger Girl

The title alone is a spoiler. Of course, it features girls and guns. So, you would expect all rainbows and happy endings. But Gunslinger Girl is an anime filled with foreboding and misery. Its explicitly animated gun fights with blood and death make it a worthwhile watch for gun nerds. Just make sure to be prepared to lose your sleep for a while.

The story focuses on young girls who have been trained by the way of guns by an Italian organization called the Social Welfare Agency. They rescue orphans from hospitals, enhances their body, and brainwash them to be killing machines. Every episode is full of deadly shootouts that leave the main characters with psychological scars.

6. 91 Days

91 Days

91 Days tells the story of a young man called Angelo and his path to revenge. It’s a great anime with realistic gun fights and a well-written plot.

Angelo was born in a town called Lawless and saw the Vanetti mafia family kill his family. After that day, revenge is the only thing Angelo lives for. And he will stop at nothing until the perpetrators suffer the same fate as his family. The opportunity arrives after long 7 years after he receives a mysterious letter telling him to come back to Lawless.

Angelo changing his name to Avilio infiltrates the rank of the mafia and gets close to don’s son, Nero. He starts killing everyone one by one until Nero is the only one remaining.

7. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop

Any anime fans have at least once heard of Cowboy Bebop. It’s set in the future world of 2071 where space travel is the norm. The firearms in this series are all elaborately designed, so gun maniacs will love Cowboy Bebop.

The story follows Spike Spiegel, a bounty hunter with a carefree nature. But despite how he looks, his skills in handling guns are nothing to scoff at. Thanks to his acute perception and abundance of experience, he hardly misses his mark. Spike’s iconic weapon is the customized Jericho 941 R. 

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Cowboy Bebop is not only about guns. It has action, comedy, drama, space adventure, and an interesting plotline that keeps the audience glued to their screen. No wonder, it’s such a popular anime. 

8. Gungrave


Brandon and Harry are best friends and close enough to be called brothers. Their daily life consisted of brawling with the local thugs, seducing girls, and stealing. It was all sunshine and rainbows until they joined the largest mafia syndicate around, Millennion. 

Harry had the ambition to reach the top and take the seat of the boss Big Daddy. On the other hand, Brandon supported his friend and only wanted to protect his childhood crush, Maria who was the boss’s wife. 

It all spirals out of control when Harry kills both of them due to become the top dog. He kills his best friend too after a confrontation. But Brendon gets resurrected as the deadman gunslinger Beyond the Grave.

Gungrave is an amazing anime full of guns, cool action scenes, and tragedy that will tug at every fan’s heartstrings. 

9. Hellsing


Hellsing is not an anime for the fainthearted. But if you are prepared for limbs and intestines flying around, you will enjoy watching Hellsing

Most of the characters in Hellsing use guns as their weapon of choice, including Alucard. He is a vampire with no regard for life. When ordered, he will kill. Fortunately, most of his victims are villains or criminals. The main weapon Alucard uses to decimate his enemies is the twin handguns called Hellsing ARMS .454 Casull Auto. 

Seras mainly supports Alucard in a fight. Her weapon is a sniper rifle known as Hellsing ARMS Anti-Midian Cannon Harkonnen. There is no time to be bored when watching Hellsing. Every episode is filled with explicitly animated action scenes featuring guns.

10. Canaan


Another gun anime with most of the main cast being females. But they are not just any girls. These are badass characters who are proficient in handling guns and fighting mafias. 

Maria is a Japanese photographer who along with her partner and senior Mino is working in Shanghai for scoops. But after a series of events, they get dragged into a deadly fight between a mysterious man and a woman. As Maria is about to die, she gets saved by her old friend Canaan. 

Now, Canaan must face countless life-and-death situations while confronting her past. She needs to stop the villains from spreading the deadly UA virus and protect her friends.

11. Black Cat

Black Cat

Black Cat is one of the lesser-known titles on the list. But that doesn’t take away all the amazing gunfights this anime has. 

As one of the thirteen numbers, Train Heartnet is a ruthless killer. He is a master marksman who uses an ornate handgun called Hades as his main weapon. This gun is perhaps one of the most beautifully designed anime firearms out there. 

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The way Train use Hades is nothing short of elegant. Something you would never expect from an anime full of action and death. He also uses the gun as a close combat weapon to knock out his opponent. After meeting Saya, Train has a change of heart and leaves Chronos. He still uses his gun but vows to never kill again.

12. Psycho-Pass


Psycho-Pass is a sci-fi anime set in a futuristic past ruled by an AI system called the Sibyl System. The guns known as Dominators are a bit special in this series. They have a wide range of uses, from killing a person instantly to neutralizing the target. The interesting fact is, only certain people can use it under specific conditions. And all those are decided by Sibyl.

Akane is an upright character with a sense of justice. After her encounter with an enforcer cum criminal Kogami, she starts to doubt the Sibyl System. Fight using guns in this series are a few compared to the other anime on this list. But you can consider it a top-tier anime with its amazing action scenes and plotline.

13. Black Bullet

Black Bullet

The story takes place in 2021 and the world has been run down by deadly parasites called Gastrea. Black bullet lacks no action scenes as the main cast is putting their life on the line to eliminate the monstrosities in every episode.

In his childhood, Rentaro was a victim of a Gastrea attack that left him mortally wounded. He was able to survive by taking a special drug and replacing lost limbs with special prosthetics. Rentarou’s primary weapon is a gun named Springfield XD loaded with special black bullets to kill Gastreas from afar. 

14. GATE


GATE depicts the heroism of the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) as they go against supernatural creatures and magics with modern firearms.

One day a gate suddenly open in Ginoza, Japan. Strange people dawning armor appear from inside the gate and start killing everyone in the vicinity. A member of the JSDF, second Lieutenant Itami aids the law enforcers to protect the citizens while taking down invaders.

Since it’s a story of the modern military, expect to see a lot of fights involving guns and tanks.

15. Aoharu x Machinegun

Aoharu x Machinegun

Two gunslingers in action putting their lives on the line is certainly fun to watch. But taking part in a survival game using toy guns can be pretty enjoying as well.  

Hotaru is a girl who acts like a man. She is not hiding her gender, either. It’s just that her bust is nonexistent and it’s easier for in a male’s cloth. Hotaru has exceptional athletic abilities which she uses in survival games. Her skills with a gun were average at first, but as the series progresses, it gets better.

The guns may be fake in Aoharu x Machinegun but the fights are elaborate and fun to watch. It’s a great anime for fans of any age. 

What’s your favorite anime with guns? Let us know in the comments below.