10 Best dark fantasy anime To watch

Somehow, the word “fantasy” has a positive image. Fairies fly in the forest, people master the magic, the heroes go on an adventure trip with a magnificent world view … Such a bright story is called fantasy.

But did you know that the “ Dark Fantasy ” genre has recently become a boom?

People living in a decadent world are caught up in desperate situations, and in some cases, the protagonist and his friends die murderously … scary, sad and creepy, overturning the meaning of conventional “fantasy” That ‘s the real pleasure of dark fantasy.

So, this time, I would like to introduce the recommended dark fantasy anime that you want to see!

Why don’t you feel a bit depressed as you watch a dark fantasy for adults that comes to mind?

10 Best dark fantasy anime


dark fantasy anime

What kind of story is it?

Berserk is an animation depicting the days of the struggle of the swordsman Guts with a giant sword.

People deal with swords, and the story is swirling in a much darker direction, despite the fantasy worldview where fairies and golems are normally present.

The protagonist, Guts, is not a hero-like position, but a “vengeful” and will kill mercilessly even if the enemy is human.

The design of the enemy character is so creepy that it shudders, so if you look at a traditional fantasy work while watching it, you may get lost.

Gender: Men’s

Theme: dark fantasy, sword, cruel

If you like this work: Attack on Titan

Video introduction

About the Anime: 

Hits with a cumulative total of 40 million copies.

Berserk’s original work is a manga work of the same name serialized in Young Animal. Currently, up to 39 volumes have been released, and this is a hit that has achieved a cumulative total of 40 million copies in a serialization period of nearly 30 years.

Berserk is also well-known for his elaborate works. The decoration of the armor of Zakochara that comes out only one frame is firmly drawn, and each page boasts completeness like a painting.

The publishing speed is slow due to too much work, and it is said that it is a “manga that frequently rests”, but still the fans do not leave at all.

No matter how many years the next book is going to stop reading, Berserk has such a magical charm.

2.Made in Abyss

dark fantasy anime

Gender: for men and women

Theme: adventure serious, mystery

If you like this work: Kino’s Journey

What kind of story is it?

Made in Abyss is an animation depicting the adventure of people who dive into a huge vertical hole, Abyss, with a diameter of 1000 meters.

The deeper you go into Abyss, the more “cursed” it will be, so that no human can ever return to a certain depth .

The interior of Abyss is rich and is home to a variety of creatures. On the other hand, people who visit this place always have the dread of death .

The story that has shaken the hearts of many people is appealing, as viewers who are crying seriously because the past of ally characters are too heavy are attractive.

Video introduction

About the Anime:

The production of the second phase of animation has already been decided!

The anime version of Made in Abyss was broadcast from July to September 2017. It is an impression that the animation has just ended, but in fact the production of the second phase of animation has already been decided!

The final episode of the first phase of the anime ended with a meaningful line saying “I want to see another (the hero’s companion)” of a character considered to be the last boss of the next season.

Immediately thereafter, the production decision for the second phase of the animation was announced, and the fans were delighted to see the continuation of the mysterious Maid in Abyss story.

The official broadcast start date and time has not yet been determined, but there is no doubt that the sequel will have a huge response if you look at the reputation of the first stage !

3. Tokyo Ghoul

dark fantasy anime

Gender: for men and women

Theme: Mystery, battle, serious

If you like this work: Akame slashes!

What kind of story is it?

Tokyo Ghoul is an anime based on the theme of a ghoul, a monster that is a bite of human eating.

The feature of this work is not the story of the royal road where the hero and the ghoul fight … but the sorrow of the hero who has become a half-ghoul between humans and the ghoul for some time.

The contradiction of not being able to live without eating humans while maintaining consciousness as a human being … The expressions of such fear and suffering are too real and tremble.

Video introduction

About the anime

Live-action movie with many popular actors!

Tokyo Ghoul was also made into a live-action movie in 2017.

Masataka Kubota was chosen as the role of Kaneki as the main character, and gorgeous actors such as Hiroshi Oizumi, Yu Aoi and Nobuyuki Suzuki are coloring the work.

The original was a popular work as a signboard manga for Weekly Young Jump, and the production of the live-action version had a great response. By the way, the box office revenue exceeded 1.1 billion yen, and it has left a reasonable sales as a live-action movie.

4.Attack on titans

dark fantasy anime

Gender: for men and women

Theme:  Giant, Serious, Battle, Mystery

If you like this work: Tokyo Ghoul

What kind of story is it?

The Attack on Titan is a dark fantasy depicting people confronting a mysterious monster, the “giant,” that preys on humanity.

It is not just a battle anime, but the mystery elements of this work are strong, such as “What is the identity of a giant?” “Why humanity has been cornered by a giant?” “What is the purpose of an enemy who slips into humanity?” It is a feature.

The truth that becomes clear as the story progresses is shocking, and once you start watching it is a work that will not stop!

Video introduction

About the anime

The most powerful content in Japan now.

In Japan, tens of thousands of anime and manga titles are born each year, and the Attack on Titan is said to be one of the most dynamic content .

total of 71 million copies of the original manga have already been issued, and it is a super-hit that continues to increase sales even today.

Of course, popular manga is not only popular. The number of DVDs and BDs sold is often number one in the animation category. If you launch a game, 100,000 sales will break through lightly, and the media mix of live-action movies and spin-offs will be enhanced. Is.

The third phase of the animation has also been decided to start in July 2018, and the content will likely keep growing in the future!

5.Puella Magi Madoka Magica

dark fantasy anime

Gender: for women

Theme: Magical girl, dark fantasy, cruel

If you like this work: Magical girl site

What kind of story is it?

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a problematic work that completely overturns the concept of “Magical Girl Anime”.

Usually, the magical girl anime has a strong image of a bright anime, such as “Sailor Moon” or “PreCure”, in which girls confront difficulties with the power of magic.

However, Puella Magi Madoka Magica has become a dark anime style from 1 to 10 so that it has become famous as “Depression Anime” .

I won’t explain it anymore because it’s a work with less spoilers, but at least if you watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica, I think you should be prepared to be shocked.

Video introduction

About the anime

A unique work that showed a social phenomenon grade hit

Puella Magi Madoka Magica was broadcast in 2011 and is a hit that has been described as “the biggest topic in recent years .”

Since it was an original animation with no original content, viewers who watched it in real time said that the development was completely unreadable.

The boom of Puella Magi Madoka Magica has continued after the end of the anime broadcast, and by 2013 the total sales of related goods had reached 40 billion yen.

In addition, as the first to third volumes of BDs monopolize the first to third places in Japan’s successive BD sales rankings, Puella Magi Madoka Magica is no exaggeration to say that it no longer affected the Japanese economy. .

6. Girls’ Last Tour

dark fantasy anime

Gender : Men and women

Theme: dystopia, apocalypse, adventure

If you like this work: so la no ヲ to

What kind of story is it?

Girls’ Last Tour  is a work depicting two girls traveling on earth, where most of humanity has been destroyed.

This work is often described as ” end-of -life fantasy “, but the decadent worldview and some eerie settings are worthy of being called dark fantasy.

However, it is different from other dark fantasy in that not only sad and scary events occur, but the emphasis is on the “beauty” of the world where humanity has disappeared .

Video introduction

About the anime

Dystopia drawn by popular authors with over 80,000 followers

The original creator of the end-of-life girl trip, Tsukumizu-sensei, was originally a popular writer for coterie activities . It has gained many fans in doujinshi and video production, and has over 80,000 followers on Twitter.

Tsukuzumi’s versatile talents are also used in the anime of end-of-life girl travel. In fact, the ending animation of the end- of-life girl trip was created by Tsukumizu-sensei alone.

Be sure to check the animation for the commitment to creating animations from the original author!

7. Fullmetal Alchemist

dark fantasy anime

Gender :

Theme: Battle, alchemy, touching

If you like this work: Attack on Titan

What kind of story is it?

The alchemist of steel draws a brother who travels using “alchemy”, which can produce various substances.

The purpose of the hero, Elric Brothers, is to restore the “brother’s limbs” and “brother’s whole body” that were lost in the past formal training failure, and it is a work with a lot of grotesque expressions.

The most important alchemy is often used for evil purposes, such as “the fostering of the dead,” “the fusion of humans and animals,” and “genocide,” and it can be said that this is a royal road dark fantasy work that dazzles human filth .

Video introduction

About the anime

The best-selling piece in Square Enix history!

The original alchemist of steel is a manga work published by Square Enix. Speaking of Square Enix, you’ve been known for producing popular anime such as “Mahoujin Guru Guru”, “Jungle is always Going After Go”, and “Mamotsu Mago Tsutenten!”

However, alchemists of steel have suppressed numerous hits , making it the best-selling piece in Square Enix history.

The cumulative number of circulation has reached 70 million copies, and even now, more than eight years have passed since the end of the serialization , it is a masterpiece that continues to be talked about, such as the production of live-action movies and the start of revival serialization.

Not only dark fantasy and interesting, but also interesting as a battle anime, so if you haven’t watched it, please check it out!


dark fantasy anime

Gender : For men and women, slightly female

Theme: exorcist, dark fantasy, battle

If you like this work : Blue Exorcist

What kind of story is it?

D.Gray-man is an animation that depicts the battle between “AKUMA” and The Exorcist, created using the human soul as a raw material.

“AKUMA” is not just an enemy, but a human whose soul has been remodeled … In the end , it is a “victim” , and the exorcists fight to release the human soul who has become AKUMA.

The eerie design of AKUMAs, which appear in a bad dream, is terrifying, and the story and design are just like a dark fantasy .

Video introduction

About the anime

Works with enthusiastic fans

The original work of D.Gray-man started serializing in 2004, and has released 25 volumes by 2018. Some people may have heard about the number of 25 volumes in about 14 years and felt, “Isn’t that a lot of serialization?”

In fact, this work is also known as a manga with a lot of suspensions. It’s natural to repeat a series and a rest, and in the past it has been suspended for up to two and a half years .

However, D.Gray-man’s amazing place was that the fans did not leave at all no matter how much rest.

The cumulative circulation of the original manga has exceeded 20 million copies, and it has been re-animated in 2016 after nearly eight years since the first animation. D.Gray-man is a work that has a long-time suspension and has enthusiastic fans at all.

9. Overload

gender :

Keywords for men’s works : Different world, reincarnation, game, dark hero

If you like this work : Little Girl Senki

What kind of story is it?

Overload is a work depicting a man left behind in a VRMMO game.

The protagonist was originally a mediocre Japanese, but transformed into a character in the game due to an unknown phenomenon, and would have to explore a different world with a strange shape like a skeleton .

The interesting thing about this work is that the hero is not “justice”, but rather a “devil king” who brings fear to the inhabitants of another world.

If you think that you are helping others, you can mercilessly massacre unsavory human beings or plan to take over another world … This is an animation where the hero often takes actions that do not seem to be the hero.

novel dark fantasy in which the protagonist is not a hero or a hero but is treated as a “foreign object” even though it is a different world reincarnation .

Video introduction

About the anime

“This light novel is amazing!”

The original of the overload is a light novel serialized in the novel posting site “Arcadia” and “Let’s become a novelist”.

Originally it was a WEB work, but it has been turned into a book as its popularity has gradually increased, and in 2017 it won the first place for “This light novel is amazing!”

Overloads have been animated three times so far, including the third period beginning in July 2018.

Although the cumulative number of copies of the original has already exceeded 7 million copies, it is expected that sales will increase further if the third phase of animation begins.

10. Jewelry country

dark fantasy anime

Gender :for men and women 

Theme: Dystopia, artistic, mysterious

If you like this work : Made in Abyss

What kind of story is it?

Jewelry Land is the story of a world in which “creatures resembling humans” with bodies made of jewelry live.

All the depictions in the work are beautiful artistic animations , such as living jewels shining whole body and a quiet ground with almost no living things.

However, there is a dystopian setting that humanity has been destroyed long ago, and it is natural for eerie creatures called moons to kidnap jewelry, making madness behind the beauty The feature is that it is finished in a work that can be done.

The fact that the dark settings are not discussed in detail in the anime further increases the discomfort that “this work is something strange” .

Video introduction

About the anime

One collaboration goods is 3.24 million yen!?

In the jewelry country, various jewels appear as the title. Most of the characters, including the main character, “Phosphophilite”, use real gems as motifs.

Therefore, when broadcasting the anime version and the jewelry country, it became a hot topic because “real jewelry” was released as a collaboration goods.

Jewelry country collaboration jewelry designed by Japan’s leading jewelry brand, TASAKI, was sold at a high price of 3.24 million yen per piece .

This jewel was said to be the most expensive collaboration goods in the history of anime, but it is surprising that the most expensive product was sold on the same day .


When I checked the recent anime again, I noticed that the number of dark fantasy anime was increasing considerably .

Dark fantasy anime, which is hard to read compared to royal road fantasy works, may be perfect for entertaining viewers.

All of the works introduced this time are works that make you feel “sad” or “sad”, but since they are all masterpieces that excel in “fun”, if you have a work that you have not yet seen, please by all means Check it out!

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