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Professional MMA fighter goes viral when paying homage to Dragon Ball Z during weigh-in

When it comes to action and fighting anime, Dragon Ball quickly comes to mind for almost everyone who has seen anime at least once in their life.

Akira Toriyama’s work has created a legion of literally millions and millions of fans around the world and not even the famous have escaped the franchise’s success. work during the weighing process before a fight.

The fighter in question is Roxxane Modafferi who, at the time of her weigh-in before her fight against Maycee Barber, appeared with a wig alluding to the golden hair of the Super Saiyans and quickly caught the attention of many people:

Not content with just wearing a wig, the fighter still did one of those classic poses of every good Dragon Ball warrior before winning a power-up and pasted a small sticker on her forehead, making a clear reference to Majin Vegeta and, of course , the fans went crazy.

Dragon Ball Super is currently on hiatus. The anime ended in March 2018 with the end of the Tournament of Power.

Currently, the story continues in the manga, in addition to the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly released earlier this year and also a new film that is in the initial stage of production by Toei.

In this new phase, Goku and Vegeta are facing an ancient and very powerful enemy: Moro, the consumer of planets, a threat that could very well end Universe 7 in the blink of an eye.


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