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Top 10 Slice of Life Anime

Slice of life anime or in Japanese as known as Iyashikei is the genre of anime that deals with the daily life of people. Slice of life is the only genre of anime in my opinion that can be enjoyed by everyone because it has no love triangles of romcom or worries of Shonen characters out surpassing his peers, you can sit back and relax watching slice of life anime. And here are the top 10 slice of anime that you can enjoy right now


Slice of Life anime

Some would say Hyouka is more of mystery anime than slice of life but at its core Hyouka is more about mundane life. The story revolves around our lazy and beloved character Oreki. His world then is turned upside down when he meets Chitanda, who is the exact opposite of Oreki. Hyouka is the work of studio Kyoto Animation, and Kyoto Animation has done a phenomenal job on this anime. Trust me when I say Hyouka have the one of the best backgrounds art and music. You will come to like the interactions between Oreki and chitanda as anime goes on. Hyouka depicts life as it is in real life and it’s soothing to watch.

2.Mai Mai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou:

Slice of Life anime

This anime is set in the 1955 rural area of Japan. The story is about a young girl Shinko who lives with her grandpa and becomes friends with a newly moved girl named Kiiko. I have spent my childhood in a rural area and I can say this anime captures the feel of rural damn near perfectly. One thing Mai-Mai Miracle does right is depicting the children and their actions right, kids feel like kids and do not do things which look out of place for a kid. If you want aesthetically good looking anime with a touch of rural area then this anime is for you.

3.Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon:

Slice of Life anime

This one is a little bit strange because it involves maid dragons and loli dragon daughter. But all things considered miss kobayashi’s maid dragon at heart is a fun anime that somehow with NEET dragons and all still manages to put a smile on your face. If you like dragons and strong characters driven anime then this one’s for you.

4.Flying Witch:

Slice of Life anime

Ah I remember watching this anime like yesterday but it’s been more than a year before I watched it but I still have fond memories of this anime. Thats because characters like Makoto and Chinatsu are so fun to watch. It has witch training in the urban area of japan and some diabetes inducing characters.

5.Non Non Biyori:

Slice of Life anime

You know how they say after the story it’s characters who carry the story and this one has fun characters that fit this anime very well. You might Renge to be the most fun to watch because she is the youngest among all the characters but interactions between Komari and Hotaru are the best in my opinion. There is no dull moment when any two are talking and are doing anything because their chemistry is good throughout all the characters. I will suggest taking it slow and paying attention to the background art of this anime because it is surreal and beautiful. It’s like it was the director’s intention to go the extra mile to make it beautiful so viewers can pay attention to it. Non Non Biyori has 2 seasons plus a movie and the third is coming next year.


Slice of Life anime

It has always bothered me when kids do not act accordingly to their age and the biggest criminal of the offense is the Shonen genre. Well you can rest assured that this is not the case here because in this anime kids act like how kids of that certain age would naturally. Story takes place when our main character and upcoming big name of the calligraphy Honda Sei puts a tantrum because someone called his calligraphy bland and boring, after that he was sent to a secluded island by his father to reflect on behavior of sorts and grow as a man. The kids in here are most likable and always pull something new that puts a smile on my face and I loved Naru most of all the kids, because she kept everyone united and she balanced the lack of other characters’ dullness and anything else.


Slice of Life anime

I do not know how to describe Nichijou, NIchijou is anything but ordinary that’s for sure. One would expect any anime to have a linear story but Nichijou does not have that. There is a 7 years old who is a scientist, a robot and talking cat. You see Nichijou is full of zany characters. But one thing’s for sure comedy in here will have you laughing on the floor the whole time.

8.Comic Girls:

Slice of Life anime

The story is about a young girl who wants to become Mangaka (Comic author), she moves into a residence where she meets with three other girls who also are Mangaka. This anime is what you would call cute girls doing cute things, if you like that kind of anime then anime is for you.

9.Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou:

Slice of Life anime

This one is really close to my heart because it reminded me of my high school days and how accurate it was depicting those days. Title gives it away what anime is about, there are not many anime which capture the feel of high school life so accurately, not only that but there are not many slice of life anime that totally revolve around boys, so I am glad this one exists. It will give you a sincere portrayal of high school life and if you are not in high school anymore then it will give you a chance to relive that high school life once more.

10.Ichigo Mashimaro:

Slice of Life anime

This one is also about cute girls doing cute things anime. If I had to choose my favorite characters then it would be Nubue and Miu. Whenever Nubue and Miu are on screen they always manage to make me laugh. This anime is a little bit old and you may not find this anime up to your standards but give it a try and believe me you will like it.


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