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Ey up guys. Today I had needles stabbed into my skin hundreds of times over. Or as others call it, I got another tattoo. First one in 4 years and it was a big un but I made it through, partly imagining Zenitsu’s screaming through some of the more painful moments (when it got close to the nerves, oh boy) and also thinking If Guy can go Eight Gates against Madara and survive you can do this. Yes really, but it was two hours you gotta come up with ways to soldier through sometimes. Anyway, below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding Black Clover 266 Raw and recap of the most recent chapter of Black clover, Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Black Clover Chapter 265 Discussion:

This was a surprise, didn’t expect the chapter earlier than usual. So we carry on where we left off with Noelle realising what is happening, and turning around to see the others also in what appear to be some kind of healing flower beds looking alright. And Charmy looking like that one mate after a night out who may be a little drunk still, or somehow managed to not get a hangover despite how much they drank the night prior. We then get a gorgeous spread showing a forest and my god the detail in it is lovely.

Patri tells Noelle they’re in a place called Elysia, and then we see elven children. And the reveals keep coming; these Elves are the descendants of Licht and Tetia, the First Wizard King’s sister who was killed along with the elves in the massacre 500 years ago. Secre is shocked as everyone else, but the next reveal is in the next page; she knew Tetia survived and sealed her wounds before leaving to assist Lumiere, and that Tetia was expecting twins. And one of them survived, along with Tetia herself. They escaped and formed Elysia in a Strong Magic Region of the Heart Kingdom in secret, where this child grew up and their descendants live on to this day. Unsurprisingly she starts to tear up, but can you blame her with a revelation like this?

When Mimosa asks why the elves saved them, they say their Guardian Deity Dryad sent them a Divine revelation and they went to help but didn’t make it in time. However the five had managed to find ways to survive the blasts somehow even if it didn’t go exactly perfectly for any involved. Though come to think of it Charmy’s makes absolute sense seeing as her Wolf can eat magic, that it would eat (absorb) the blast. Though how Luck stopped the blast kind of confuses me, it seems he kinda just……charged at it? Somehow they managed to save all the citizens too which I’ll admit I’m surprised at but then again in Leopold’s case the citizens were on the other side of a lake and none were near Noelle and Mimosa anyway.

Patri comments on being impressed with how much they’ve improved over the past six months but this causes Noelle to become upset about how despite this she failed to save Loropechika. She declares they need to get even stronger and asks Patri and the elves to help them get stronger. When Patri retorts that they can’t get stronger in the next few days than they did in six months anyway, Noelle refuses to give up cos this is a shonen why should they, and the others enthusiastically declare their agreement. Patri then states that yes they can indeed get stronger through the Elves esoteric art, Ultimate Magic.

For 10/11 pages, there was a hell of a lot of content in them. In fairness it’s been a shorter week and Tabata works so damn hard he bloody deserves to take more of a break. So first off, the Elves reveal. When this leaked someone stated this had in fact been revealed back in Chapter 213, in a single panel there are two kids with rather pointy elven-looking ears watching everything going on

black clover 266

I mean bloody hell that is some Oda level foreshadowing he showed it right under our noses and we never even noticed.

But wow this was not something I expected. Well, not entirely. See right now we’ve only seen the Four Kingdoms. I’ve had a “head-canon theory” that these Kingdoms are on a peninsula and beyond Spade there is a wider continent that will be explored at a later date, and there are other creatures out there including other Elves. So I wasn’t quite right but this does make me think there are others beyond Spade. The most insane part is that these are descendants of Tetia and Licht. But if that was the case where did the other Elves come from for this to happen, it can’t have been just one Half-Elf and a bunch of humans randomly producing Elves, the others must’ve come from somewhere. Somewhere beyond Spade perhaps………

In conjunction with this, Secre knew? It’s a rather confusing question. I get why she didn’t tell Lumiere they were rather occupied with stopping Demon God form Licht destroying all of the Clover Kingdom and then setting things in motion for what was to come. Though it does raise the question of just how long Secre has been around. She says she awoke as Nero years later yes but how long was the gap between? Was she “asleep” for hundreds of years and only recently reawakened just before Asta and Yuno started their adventure? Because if she was around for hundreds of years it would raise the question of how didn’t she find Elysia, she’d literally have all the time in the world to do so. But this is Tabata, he will likely explain at some point.

One of the other major points of the chapter was the Elves have a Guardian Deity. Last week Nacht mentioned God and now the Elves talk of Deities too, that apparently sent them some “message.” Given the contents of this Saga, and the heroes facing down Devils in the Underworld Realm, this further cements my suspicion that there are indeed Gods in the Black Clover Universe, or something very similar to. I wonder if it’s just the One God or multiple, I hope it’s the latter as this is almost always more interesting as a concept for me personally. Also given the many elements and inspirations taken from Norse Mythology it would fit if there was a “King/Queen of Gods” with many others as underlings. Also would make for many foes for all the heroes to face.

Black Clover Chapter 266 Spoilers & Predictions:

as for Black Clover 266: So to me it seems pretty clear next time around we’re going to find out just what thi Ultimate Magic of the Elves is. I believe we got it once before when Licht used some kind of Spirit Bomb (I forget the actual name for it) against Zagred (The Word Magic Devil). In that he absorbed the mana of all the elves around him and used it in essentially a Light Magic Nuke that all but obliterated Zagred.

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It could be that Ultimate Magic utilises Mana shared by others around them just like the Spirit Bomb in Dragon Ball Z. But seeing as Licht was utilising the Demon Dweller Sword who’s whole power is absorbing Mana to utilise and throw back at enemies it may just be how Licht wielded the sword to manifest it in this way. I suspect that it will be wielded in different ways by each user, fitted to suit their abilities and individual fighting styles. Such as how Charmy’s Wolf can absorb mana perhaps she may in fact wield it in a way similar to how Licht did. Perhaps the others will mix their Rune Magic with this too. Given 3 of the 6 singled out as having potential to defeat a Devil (Charmy, Leopold and Luck) are present I think this is very likely be crucial to how each of these characters will battle and hopefully defeat a Devil.

Seeing as they have just a few days to master this it will be interesting to see how it is handled and how they will go about training for this. I don’t think each will get a chapter specifically focused on them, instead I could see Tabata mixing the training with the kids finding out how Elysia functions. Perhaps Secre will find out more about how Tetia established Elysia and get some form of closure on this, given the flashback panels in the chapter it’s likely Secre still feels some sort of guilt in how her device meant to unite people was used to commit genocide, and on friends of hers no less.

I’m most interested in how Mimosa will use Ultimate Magic. As I have said previously I want to see her use a few more offensive techniques and again this could be the way for her to do so. I don’t want her to get reduced to a healing mage role but without a few more offensive techniques she’s at risk of that. Solar Beam is great but can’t be her only attack move.

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Black Clover Chapter 266 Release date:

Black clover manga is featured on MangaPlus and as Tabata is taking a break next week, Chapter 266 should be available on 4 October 2020 and Black clover 266 Raw will be out 2-3 days before. Meanwhile, Chapter 265 can be found Here.

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