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Read Black Clover 251 Spoilers, Black Clover chapter 251 Raw and Release date

Ey up guys, Here we go again to discuss Black clover chapter 251 Spoilers Raw scan release date are given below. Please be aware that the post contains spoilers about the latest chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 250 Discussion:

I stay away from Best Girl/Best Boy discussions……too much drama for me usually. I would make an argument for Charmy being best girl in Black Clover though, and that is partly cos I love her character, but also because she is loosely based on Yuki Tabata’s own wife. Sooooo it feels a little more “justified” as it were when the mangaka bases them on his real life Best Girl. OK that didn’t sound as cringy in my head I swear…….

So this time it’s Charmy facing off with Halbet, a Dark Disciple with Hair Magic who just defeated Potrof. We get another display of the Heart Kingdom in flames as it seems the Spade Kingdom are a bunch of pyromaniacs. She initially seems to hold her own with Charmy as she gets a few jabs in. But we all know what a powerhouse Charmy as anyway before the timeskip, and this has only increased since said timeskip. An unusual addition is it would appear Halbet lives off food drugs in order to keep her waistline thin……narcissist much? Or perhaps an eating disorder, now that’d be an interesting inclusion into this series. But once Charmy gets mad it becomes pretty one sided as she unleashes her Wolf’s Food Magic and proceeds to annihilate Halbet by seeming to turn her hair into food for the Wolf. It’s rather disturbing really, watching her being thrown around in the cooking bowl like lunch…….although that is obviously the point. Even Potrof seems a little worried about just how powerful he helped Charmy become. Halbet may need some medieval plastic surgery when she gets back to the Spade Kingdom after this……..

I love Charmy so this chapter was a fun read. She’s always a laugh to read but manages to ascend mere comedic relief with her insanely OP power level and the mystery her heritage leaves to question. And the way the comedy is written helps, her declaring her anger over wasted food and how true strength comes from good meals in an somewhat overdramatic tone is silly enough to counter the action in a way that keeps it engaging instead of just being another beatdown. As someone on Reddit said, it was almost like Red Riding Hood versus Rapunzel this time round.

Black Clover chapter 251
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Black Clover Chapter 251 Predictions:

So I guess Black clover 251 will be Mimosa versus String (or Nail?) Magic Disciple. Then Noelle, Gadja, Undine and Loropechika versus Vanica herself. Just what that will entail we still don’t know, and my predictions haven’t really changed since.

But I’ll focus on Charmy this time. At some point during this “Demon Saga” I suspect we will go to wherever the Dwarves are, and find out the truth about Charmy’s heritage. Considering how powerful she is just from being half-dwarf…….this could get insane. I wonder if the Dwarves could be vital to defeating the demons in the end, as it seems Devil Magic has little to no effect on it. But perhaps it’s more like Gohan, Trunks and Goten in DBZ; what makes them so powerful is being hybrids and their genetics therefore being differently “wired.” Given the Nordic influences throughout an obvious name for the land/town/home of the Dwarves would be Nidavellir, or something similar. As I previously stated, Charmy is loosely based on Tabata’s wife. And Asta is somewhat based on Tabata himself……..can we get a Asta and Charmy team up battle at some point because that would be amazing.

Black Clover 251 Raw and where to read online:

Black clover manga is featured on MangaPlus and Black Clover chapter 251 should be available on 24 May 2020 as there is a break for Weekly Shonen Jump next week, Black clover 251 Raw will be out 2-3 days before. Meanwhile, Chapter 250 can be found here.


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