Chainsaw Man 92 manga spoilers, Raw scans and chapter release date

What’s up guys? This week sees Chainsaw man drop a very emotional chapter. We get to see another Power centered chapter as our hero makes a return which will probably lead on to an interesting Chainsaw man 92. Read on to find out what happened in this chapter and what might happen in Chainsaw man 92. But do make sure that you’ve caught up with the manga before reading on to not get spoiled!

Chainsaw Man chapter 91 Discussion:

This chapter is like a proper farewell to Power and starts with Power confused about handing Denji over to Makima. To everyone’s surprise Power defies Makima and takes Denji and escapes attacking Makima and her zombies in the process. Makima’s henchmen do follow her though. They relentlessly attack her too. We see her getting sliced again and again. Power meanwhile thinks about and explores what Denji really means to her. She remembers all the times he helped her and how he cared for her when she was traumatized.

She concludes that he was her first friend. Even though severely hurt and cut up, Power protects Chainsaw man and takes him to a nearby dumpster.In the dumpster we see Power and Denji conversing in their human forms. We see Power encouraging Denji to fight on while Denji says that he has done all that he wanted and does not really want to live anymore.

chainsaw man 92 spoilers

He also mentions that it won’t be worth living since Power would also not be there in his life anymore. This chapter is testament to Power’s character development as once she only wanted to fight on the winning side which here is Makima’s. We also see Power’s inner thoughts as she contemplates whether Denji’s life is even worth saving when she was thinking of their times together.

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Power convinces Denji that he has to live and makes a contract with him to make him find the Blood fiend in Hell and befriend it in exchange for her blood. She also tells him that the blood fiend he finds would not be the Power he knows but it could a Power if he actually does befriend it. Denji then awakens in the dumpster shocked and surprised to find Power missing. Realizing that she has died, he’s seen crying. Kishibe is seen waiting by the dumpster and asks him if he’s the real Denji. He promises to free Denji from Makima if he’s really Denji and not the monster. The chapter ends with Denji indicating to Kishibe that he is truly himself.

CHAINSAW MAN 92 Spoilers & Analysis:

This week saw Power get the farewell she deserved and it’s probable that we’ll never see Power again. Denji is finally back and Kishibe has plans to save him. However it’s not sure if Denji will really take up his offer or if he’ll go confront Makima. Makima won’t be happy that Denji is back. She won’t be happy that a devil like Power that feared her defied her. Maybe Makima might start feeling like she’s losing control of the situation and her Power might wane. This maybe a good opportunity for Denji and Kishibe to team up try to take her down.

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We don’t know what Kishibe’s plan is but it could be that he will send Denji abroad for his safety as it could be assumed that Makima’s power and influence aren’t particularly strong outside Japan. But it looks like the more probable scenario is an immediate confrontation with Makima as it’s been announced that Chainsaw man has entered it’s last stage. This means that the manga could end pretty soon.

Many users speculate that it will end at chapter 100 or around it. This is highly probable considering that Fujimoto’s previous work Fire Punch was only 75 chapters long. So yes. Chainsaw man is in it’s last arc!

CHAINSAW MAN 91 Release date:

Chainsaw man 92 releases on the 8th of November! So what did you guys think of this chapter and what might happen in Chainsaw man 92? Will Denji go fight Makima? Or will Kishibe face her as Denji escapes? How do you want to see the manga end? Share your thoughts in the comments below !!

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