Dr. Stone Chapter 148 Spoilers, Discussion and Release date.

Hi guys and Welcome to my analysis of the latest Dr. Stone chapter, where we will be discussing Dr. Stone chapter 148 as well as the Recent chapter. Please catch up with the story if you haven’t done so already as this post contains spoilers.

Dr. Stone Chapter 147 Discussion (Recap):

We start off with an introduction to the Vikings, who if you didn’t already know discovered the North American continent 500 years before Colombus (who thought it was India anyway). They managed this due to having some of the best navigation systems in the world at the time, but what exactly were these systems?

In the days before GPS satellites, Navigation was done using the Sun and Stars, however if there was a prolonger period of cloud cover, it would mean a ship can very easily shift astray with the sailor totally lost at sea. This is the worst possible thing that could happen as they would soon run out of drinking water which is certain death.

The vikings legendary tool is revealed to be “the sunstone”, which almost seems like a magical item from an RPG. Unfortunately, Senkus crew don’t have a sunstone, so they have to rely of a makeshift GPS system where they co-ordinate with Ruris team in Japan, who has a set up of a large sun-dial and lots of hourglasses to keep track of the time in Japan. Senku then takes the reading from Japan and uses his super human intelligence to count the seconds from his position to make sure they don’t stray off course.

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A brief explanation of the ships navigation system is given, where they use the position of the sun to determine the Latitude of the ship and the difference from Japan to find the Longitude. This gives an accurate location of where the crew is on the map, so they can keep on track for the journey to America. As long as they have the sun to see, they can’t go wrong…..

Dr. Stone Chapter 148

……..Of course, they go wrong

A storm brews ahead of the ship which means visibility of the sun is now 0, without the sun they can’t figure out their exact position, and they could be adrift at sea for a long time, meaning they could ultimately miss the harvest that they desperately need for the rocket fuel.

If only the legendary sun stone existed, it would surely help them out. Well to Chrome, who has long given up being a sorcerer, and is now staunchly a man of science, sees this as an opportunity to rustle through his seemingly bottomless basket of interesting rocks he’s collected over the years. He finds an interesting looking rock and gets Kohaku to carve it into a prism. When he looks inside, he can see a reflection of himself, however there are in fact two images produced.

Chrome takes this prism and starts pointing it at the sky, and eventually he can see two bright spots which is sunlight. With this sunstone they can finally navigate on cloudy days as well, which means they won’t lose any valuable time.

Senku as usual can identify the rock, this time it’s “Calcite” which can split light rays into two. This rock has been found in archaeological wreckages of ancient Viking ships, so it turns out there never was any magic, just pure hard science at play.

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Dr. Stone chapter 147 moves on quickly through the journey now, traveling through storms, seeing icebergs and Blue whales, things amazing for both the old world and the new world people. At the end of the chapter we finally get to the American continent, which is the end of this transition journey from one arc to the next, not much time wasted on the boar (cough cough Berserk).

This chapter also had a lot of ChromexRuri shipping, from Kohaku asking Chrome if he would give Ruri a pretty jewel to the crew members teasing Chrome about Ruris potential love messages, it’s pretty much a forgone conclusion they’ll end up together. But for now, Chrome is a man of science, and a rock of Calcite is much more interesting to him then a romance with Ruri.

Dr. Stone Chapter 148 Predictions and Spoilers:

in terms of Dr. Stone chapter 148 Predictions, As we are now arriving onto the American continent, we will most likely see Senkus group come into contact with another human group who have survived. This will be interesting to see how they react with one another, will friendly relations be fostered or will they be enemies? (Tsukasa is on Senkus team, so they should probably just try to be friends). It’ll also be interesting to see how they harvest the crop and how they will take it back to Japan in Dr. Stone chapter 148, they will need to preserve the crop somehow, so that’s bound to come up eventually too.

Dr. Stone Chapter 148 Release date:

Dr. Stone Chapter 148 is scheduled for the 24th April, You can read Dr Stone manga chapter 147 on Viz or on the official website of Shueisha. We highly condemn the use of streaming anime or reading manga on an unofficial illegal website. Please consider supporting the creator by purchasing the manga when it’s available.

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