Best 17 Furry Anime You Must Watch [latest version 2023]

Everyone loves watching anime with loveable and furry creatures. Whether they be girls with animal ears or four-legged creatures acting like humans. They add an interesting element to the story and provide something new to the audience.

If you are an animal lover with great expectations for furry anime, check out these 17 series. 

1. Spice and Wolf

Spice and Wolf

Spice and Wolf follows a fox deity, Holo. She was once revered by the villagers to flourish their lands but was forgotten as they become more and more self-sufficient.

Enter Kraft Lawrence, a charismatic merchant who Holo meets on her travel on the way to her former home, located in the snowy mountains. She asks him to take her to Yoitsu and she will help him with his business. He obliges, thinking her ability to assess a person’s character would come in handy in building his own shop one day. 

Follow Holo and Kraft on their journey as what started from a mere trade, blossoms into something more as they spend time with each other and get mixed in unwelcome situations. 

2. Dog Days

Dog Days

Cat ears, dog ears, rabbit ears, you name it. Dog days have every kind of loveable animal girl in existence. That makes it a fan favorite when it comes to the “furry factor.” 

The protagonist Cinque gets summoned to the fantasy world of Flonyward by princess Milihoe as the hero of the Biscotti kingdom. He has to take part in a war against two other superpowers, Galette, and Pastillage. 

Dog Days is an anime that takes an interesting angle at the way they fight their war. It’s more like a sporting competition than a gruesome conflict full of corpses. In fact, there’s no casualty produced from these wars. Getting wounded turns the soldiers into a ball of fluff and the worst that can happen is losing clothes, mainly the girls. So, expect a lot of fanservice. 

You will get your fill of action, fluffiness, and plot twists watching Dog Days. So, if you are a furry lover who can’t get enough of girls with animal ears, then Dog Days is a must-watch anime. 

3. InuYasha


Those who have grown up watching anime has probably heard of Inuyasha at least once in their life. It’s an early 2000s classic that many fans adore to this day.

A 15-year-old girl Kagome time travels 500 years into the past after falling into a supernatural well. The era she fell into is full of demons who want the Jewel of Four Souls (Shikon no Tama) that Kagome has. It has the power to grant desires.

Kagome accidentally breaks the jewel into thousands of pieces and meets the half-dog half-human InuYasha. Now, she must go on a journey with him to reclaim the broken shards and ensure the jewel is not in the wrong hands.

InuYasha is bound to take you on a rollercoaster ride full of emotions. It has action, drama, romance, and more importantly, furry creatures loveable or not.

4. Beastars


A civilized society of anthropomorphic animals exists within Beastars. And just like in any other community, conflict exists here too. This time, between herbivores and carnivores and for obvious reasons.

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The mistrust reaches its peak after the death of an Alpaca student from Cherryton Academy, Tem. And the suspicion falls on his wolf friend, Legoshi, just because he is a carnivore. 

Contrary to his intimidating appearance, Legoshi is a quiet and sensitive character self-conscious about his carnivore lineage. The story follows Legoshi in his quest to come to terms with his predatory nature and growing feelings for a white rabbit herbivore, Haru.

5. Odd Taxi

Odd Taxi

Like Beastars, Odd Taxi revolves around animals with human characteristics. It’s one of the most popular furry anime in recent times, earning its place on this list. 

The main character is a Walrus taxi driver named Hiroshi with an eccentric but compassionate personality. But his normal life turn upside down when a high-school girl goes missing and the police track the case back to him. Now on the run, Hiroshi must prove his innocence while avoiding the likes of the yakuza and cops.

6. Wolf’s Rain

Wolf's Rain

Set in an apocalyptic world, Wolf’s rain is full of action, drama, thriller, and a bit of romance. Humans are not the only inhabitants of this world, but wolves too. And they believe in a legend that paradise will open when the world will and only the wolves will be able to find it.

The main protagonist Kiba is a wolf who ends up in Freeze city trailing a mesmerizing scent. He finds other wolves tracking the scent. Together, they embark on a journey following the trail of Lunar Flowers known to be the key to finding the prophesied Utopia. 

7. Aggressive Retsuko

Aggressive Retsuko

Most people will resonate with the plotline of Aggressive Retsuko. It follows the protagonist, a red panda called Retsuko who works as an accountant. Due to her diligent and innocent personality, she gets exploited by her co-workers who push their work on her. Also, her sexist boss is always making things more difficult.

The stress of constantly dealing with a toxic superior and condescending co-workers builds up. But she finds a unique way to release the pent-up steam. She bashes the inappropriate and hypocritical behaviors of her colleagues and boss with aggressive death metal karaoke, all within her mind.

8. Shirokuma Cafe

Shirokuma Cafe

Shirokuma is a polar bear who runs Shirocuma Cafe near the local zoo. Anyone can drop by and relax, humans and animals alike. There are two other main characters besides Shirokuma.

One is Panda who loves lazing around and is obsessed with his cute image. The other one is Penguin. A weak alcoholic guy who spends days trying to confess his love for Penko, a female penguin.

Together, they make every episode something to look forward to. Also, the ones who serve as waiters in the cafe are lovely polar cubs. This is enough reason for furry lovers to watch Shirokuma Cafe.

9. Killing Bites

Killing Bites

It’s rare to see anime girls with ripped muscles, right? But Killing Bites is full of them. Moreover, they are animal-human hybrids called brutes who have been genetically engineered which makes them powerful killing machines. 

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The main character, Yuuya unintentionally helps his friends to kidnap a high-school girl. He regrets his actions afterward, but before he noticed, his friends are brutally killed by her. Turns out, the girl called Hitomi is a powerful hybrid human.

Now, Yuuya is forced to go with Hitomi to take part in an underground competition called Killing Bites. Here brutes fight each other in death matches sponsored by powerful Japanese companies. The winner gets to control the economy.

10. Utawarerumono


Like Doubutsu no Mori, Utawarerumono is adapted from a game. But unlike the former, this anime has a heavy storyline with more action and drama. So, make sure to tighten your seatbelt before diving in.

The story starts with Eruruu, the main female character finding the protagonist injured in the forest. She notices strange things about him like how he is wearing an unremovable mask or how he doesn’t have any animal ears or tails like them. Eruruu nurses him back to health but the man doesn’t have any memory. 

Receiving the new name of Hakurou, the mysterious amnesiac man is determined to protect his new home from the tyrannical emperor.

11. Uma Musume Pretty Derby

Uma Musume Pretty Derby

You have probably seen many stories with characters given a second chance at life. But, have you ever watched an anime where horses are reborn into horse girls? 

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby is such a show where famous racehorses of the past have been resurrected to regain their fame once again, as lovely girls. Of course, with horse characteristics.

The story takes at Tokyo Tracen Academy where horse girls are trained to become racers. Follow our protagonist, Special Week as she aims to be the top in the nation to fulfill her promise to her mother.

12. Kuma Miko

Kuma Miko

Kuma Miko is a lesser-known anime than the rest on this list. Even so, it has a heartwarming and fluffy story that follows a human girl and her overprotective bear friend.

The main character Machi is a shrine guardian who is tired of living in the rural mountains. So, she decides to enroll in a high school in the city. The bear Natsu has lived with Machi for the sake of the friendship between bears and humans. He is somewhat of a parental figure to her and always has to deal with Machi’s various antics.

Give Kuma Miko a try if you are tired of all the seriousness and need something slice of life. 

13. Monster Musume

Monster Musume

Monster Musume is a great anime in a fictional setting. Mostly because it’s full of monsters of all kinds. There’s Lamia, Arachne, Dullahan, Harpy, and so on! The best part is, all are girls.

Monster Musume follows the protagonist, Kimihito. After the loss of his parents, he lived his life unremarkably until he is forced to take care of some monster girls as a part of the interspecies exchange. The worst part? No physical relationship. But that doesn’t stop the heroines from falling in love with our protagonist and going after him aggressively every day.

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Check out Monster Musume if you love harem stories with a caring main character and of course monster girls.

14. Doubutsu no Mori

Doubutsu no Mori

Doubututsu no Mori is an anime, adapted from the game of the same name. It has animals who act like humans and is a lighthearted story you can watch while sipping tea.

The story revolves around a young girl named Ai who moves to her new home in Animal Village. She soon becomes acquaintances with all the residents. But Ai’s normal days come to an end after discovering a mysterious letter on the beach. She then decides to embark on a journey for a greater purpose.

Omit, Doubutsu no Mori gives off a nostalgic feeling with its cartoon-like design, heartwarming story, and fun storyline. 

15. Dog & Scissors

Dog & Scissors

Dog & Scissors follows the protagonist, Kazuhito who has an extreme love for books. Especially, those from the novelist Kirihime. One day, he finds the said novelist in a cafe about to be shot by a robber. He tries to cover her and dies instead. The next thing he knows, he turned into a Dachshund! 

Kazuto finds the new life of a dog pretty boring. After all, he can’t read. But a saving hand appears from an unexpected direction. Kirihime decided to rescue him and fulfill all his needs. The problem is, she is a sadist who wastes no chance of putting scissors into Kazuto’s body.

The furry experts may not consider Dog & Scissor as their cup of tea. Regardless, it’s an interesting anime with laughter and fun throughout its twelve episodes.

16. Africa Salaryman

Africa Salaryman

Africa Salaryman centers around a workplace in capitalist japan where animals live as office workers. 

There are three main characters. The kind Lion, the jaded Lizard, and the perverted Toucan who is also the main reason behind most of the trouble happening in the series. His lack of restraint and selfish actions causes problems for Lion and Lizard when they are just trying desperately to keep their job. Makes you think why Toucan isn’t getting fired. 

While the animation may not be great but this slapstick comedy anime is full of scenes that will make you laugh hard.

17. Kemono Michi

Kemono Michi

Kemono Michi is a bit different from the rest of the anime on this list. There’s no lack of girls with animal body parts and there’s plenty of good action but the protagonist is too different than you could imagine.

The anime’s main character, Genzou is a professional pro wrestler who loves animals to death. He gets summoned to another world by a princess. She requests him to kill the beasts that are threatening the land and he answers by knocking out the princess with a German suplex. Thus begins his journey in an unknown world as a beast hunter. His goal is, to befriend all the animals he can find.

What’s your favorite furry anime? Let us know in the comments.