Kimetsu no Yaiba 203: Tanjiro Sad fate, The blue Spider lily and The manga’s end.

cliffhangers are not everybody’s favorite literary device. I especially hate them when they appear in a manga that’s going on a one-week hiatus. Chapter 202 of Kimetsu no Yaiba ended at a rather strange place. Tanjiro got injected with meds and Kanao could be dead after finally making an appearance. Since the manga is on a hiatus and we’re all anxiously waiting for kny 203. I am going to take this time and talk about what Tanjiro’s and the manga’s fate could be.


Starting out as the kindest guy in the series, things took a bad turn for Tanjiro as he ended up as the heir to the being he wanted to destroy and becomes a danger to the very people he cared about. In the kny 202, we saw Kanao inject meds into Tanjiro. But I would be genuinely surprised if those meds worked on the perfect demon. A demon with all of Muzan’s powers, capable of using sun breath and one who has conquered the sun. We must understand that Tanjiro is a much different demon than all other demons ever made by Muzan. Tanjiro not only got all the blood of what was left of Muzan but also his powers too.

As beautifully theorized by Reddit user anastasiaaleexev in a Reddit post where the user breaks down the kanji in Tanjiro’s name, what the meds could actually do is that they, along with Nezuko performing her talk no jutsu could bring Tanjiro back to his senses maybe for enough time that he could surrender and somebody could put him down before he becomes a bigger, absolutely undefeatable threat with none other than Giyu being the one to do the deed with the Fifth form of his breath style that is only used when an enemy surrenders! Another Reddit user Yayuu also indicates a very similar tragic fate for Tanjiro in a post that brilliantly analyses the manga’s slogan and predicts how the kindest demon slayer is ultimately slayed as a demon. Well, Demon Slayer is still a Shonen so we can’t really be surprised at a happy ending for Tanjiro with him turning human or even the drug working enough for him to retain his senses but live as a demon like Yushiro does, especially after Kanao returned in kny Chapter 202 only to sacrifice her one good eye all to try and save Tanjiro. And Kanao? Well, her death could be a very good plot point if the author chooses Tanjiro to be put down as her death could contribute to him coming to his senses even for a bit but if Tanjiro is going to be a human/partial demon and live, then as I mentioned in my previous post, Kanao will definitely be alive unless the author intends for Tanjiro to commit seppuku!

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We are at Chapter 202 of Kimetsu no Yaiba. The slayers, after sacrificing numerous, I mean, numerous lives and literally centuries of efforts have defeated Muzan. So it’s natural that he’s the ultimate foe but Kimetsu no Yaiba is an extremely popular manga even surpassing the sales of One Piece apparently. And there are no announcements that it’s going to end soon. So naturally, it could be assumed that story might get expanded. But how? Theories among readers have plot points like the Blue Spider Lily as it’s focus. It is the mysterious flower that Muzan’s doctor apparently used to turn him into a demon. A flower that Muzan looked for, for nearly 1000 years and couldn’t find. Fan theories suggest that the doctor’s experiments might have resulted in the creation of other demons too and the story could have a new villain. Other theories suggest Tanjiro running off and then a time skip occurring.

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To me, Kimetsu no Yaiba is pretty self-contained and the current set of characters has their backstories all tied up. So, after all that they’ve gone through, all the lives sacrificed across centuries and all the effort, all the limbs lost and all the serious injuries, they don’t deserve another foe. But I would honestly love the lore and the KnY world to continue on which brings me to JoJo. Now I am a big JoJo fan and like a true JoJo fan,I like finding JoJo references wherever possible.( For those of who don’t know what JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures is, it’s a long-running and popular manga series). For me, Kimetsu no Yaiba itself felt like one big JoJo reference. From the kind, innocent protagonist to the narcissistic human eating sun fearing villain to breathing techniques that sound similar to what Hamon, in JoJo was. Now what’s kinda unique about Jojo is that it has 8 parts spread across various generations of protagonists, timelines, and universes. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Demon Slayer follows the same route and comes up with spin-offs with the next-gen of the slayers and a new set of demons with cameos from the older gen maybe? This way the ever-popular manga gets to continue on without unnecessarily dragging the story out and the fans would get more Kimetsu no Yaiba lore. It’s a win-win situation right?

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Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer 203 release date:

As you know The manga is in a break this week and therefor Kimetsu no Yaiba Chapter 203 will be released on the 26th of April. So, what do you guys think about the latest developments in the manga? What are your theories about the ending of the series? What questions do you want to see answered about the story? Share your thoughts in the comments below!!