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Kingdom 638 Spoilers, Kingdom manga chapter 638 Raw Scans

Hello and welcome guys! Here we go again to discuss Kingdom chapter 638 Spoilers, Raw scans release date and recap what happened in chapter 637 as well. Please proceed with caution, as this post contains heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Kingdom Chapter 637 Discussion (Recap):

The chapter kicks off with the Zhao army confirming that all supply boxes are empty. This prompts Kaioku to issue a retreat because the purpose of his army was to distract the Retsubi army, not to force its way past Retsubi. 

From there, we are taken to the yellow river. Qin has sent its real food supply with its navy along up the yellow river to get supplies to Gyou. Unfortunately, Qin has three major disadvantages with this route. The first is that they are traveling upstream, which is physically draining for its rowers. The second and most important disadvantage is that Riboku predicted that Qin would use the yellow river. Riboku had all of Zhao’s navy prepared to intercept Qin. Therefore, with the combination of having the Zhao navy in position to catch the Qin navy, and having the advantage of moving downstream with the wind, allowed them to quickly destroy the Qin navy. 

During the naval slaughter, Riboku still can’t help but think he’s missing something. He knows that at this point, the Qin soldiers inside Gyou are at the end of their ropes. However, before he can consider any further possible actions, Riboku is summoned by the Zhao King to return to its capital to answer for his failure at Shukai Plains. Although he requests for 10 days more time, in order to ensure that Gyou gets recaptured, he is denied because of the royal decree. Riboku is then shackled, and forced to place his trust in Shun Sui Ju. 

Meanwhile, we are taken to Kanyou. Shou Hei Kun ponders the request of Ousen, and alludes to the fact that there is a third supply line to get food to Gyou.

Kingdom Chapter 638 Spoilers and Predictions :

In kingdom chapter 638 we will find out where the third supply line is coming from. We know that Zhao has used its navy to stop the Qin, so it is unlikely that the river will be used again. This leaves us with two possible options. The first option is through the Taioku mountain range bordering Koku You Hills. Qin currently has two armies stationed at Koku You Hills, so that is a possibility. The second option is with Qi or maybe another ally, that can get supplies to Gyou from a different direction. 

The second option is risky but maybe the best option. Can Qin really depend on another state to assist them? Keep in mind that if Qin is betrayed, then that would sacrifice 3 of its top 5 armies. However, due to Zhao focusing on stopping advancements from Qin, that opens possible routes from other states. In the end, it’s all about doing what the enemy doesn’t expect you to do.

We’ll find out soon enough and We will be posting the full spoilers for the Kingdom Chapter 637 as soon as it’s released until then make sure to check our latest posts: One piece 977 & My hero Academia 268

Kingdom Chapter 638 Raw and Release date :

kingdom 638, will likely come out on Wednesday, April 8th. You can find it on sensescans.com in order to read the best (unofficial) translated version. Unfortunately, Kingdom manga does not print in English, but please support the author when it becomes available in your language. See you next week!



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