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Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Chapter 201 Spoilers and Raw scans

hey everyone! Kimetsu no Yaiba chapter 201 Spoilers and Raw scans are all over the internet and we just couldn’t not covering them. As always, make sure to catch up if you don’t Spoilers.

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Chapter 201 Spoilers

A miserable upbringing!

Muzan that disappeared in the light of the sun in the previous chapter.
This time it is drawn from his background.
Muzan seems to have lived with a “death image” since she was in her mother’s womb.
She seemed to have been side by side with the fear of death before she was born, and had been in cardiopulmonary arrest many times.

In the inevitable “fear of death”, Muzan that has finally been born into this world.
However, his body was sick, and his “attachment to life” became stronger than others.
“I can live by any means.”
As a result, this obsession has led to the creation of the “ origin of demons,” which put mankind at risk . .

Immortal feelings!

A family residence that has commanded a demon squadron to take responsibility because the clan produced demons.
He had a strong will to throw out his own life to defeat Muzan.
Muzan that has been ridiculed as “weak creatures such as humans ” finally came to realize the “strength of thought” .
Muzan was so brave that he couldn’t lose, but he was eventually cornered to the point where his body was destroyed.

The birth house and each of the demon squads are all very small.
He has lost his life without fear, without being remembered in miserable memories.
But as the mansion said, “the thoughts were immortal !” !
I am deeply moved by the fact, and she is tragic.
He should also choose to “trust the thoughts” like a mansion.
The determined Muzan will dominate the body of Tanjiro before it disappears ! ! (Д)

Tanjiro turns into a demon!

Immediately before his death, he mistrusts his thoughts to Tanjiro.
Already, the cardiopulmonary function has stopped due to battle damage, but the individual cells that make up the body seem to be still alive.
When he finds out that the cells have survived, he injects his whole blood into him.
And miserable, I’m convinced that Sumijiro will be the “king of the demon” that was his longing.
As an “oni” that can withstand the sunshine, like Nezuko, and the strongest that can use the sun’s breath …!

Tanjiro is about to be transformed into a demon right now due to hatred and miserable thoughts (()
Tanjiro, who sat still and closed his eyes, opened his eyes gradually.
The lost arm regenerates, the demon’s claws grow, and the bruise pattern spreads over the entire face …!
The eyes that opened their eyes turned into the same as miserable ! !

Demon Slayer 201 Release date:

kny 201 Demon Slayer chapter 201 would be released on April 5. You can Read the chapter now Here.


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