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5 Myths you’ve heard about meditation

When you start, or you want to practice meditation, you often have preconceived ideas that are far from reality. Here are the 5 main myths about meditation so that it does not stop you from practicing; it starts with the idea that:

1-You must be sitting cross-legged in the lotus position

This idea alone is enough to demolish the motivation of many people who are interested in meditation. In fact, unless you already have a lot of natural flexibility like many Asians, sitting cross-legged is very uncomfortable from the start. It then becomes complicated to focus on your breathing and to remain observant of your thoughts when you have to deal with pain in your legs and back!

You can actually meditate in other positions: sitting on a chair, walking and even lying down. Meditating is something you can practice anywhere. For example, I always have the opportunity to train when I work, when I do my shopping or even when I’m on the train. Certain conditions, such as sitting, make it easier to practice, but that does not prevent you from practicing also if the situation is different. On the contrary, it is even an opportunity to learn in a different context.

2-You must not think of anything

Having a calm and peaceful mind is a good idea, but at the same time, it is unlikely that you will be able to remain at peace from the start, as it requires practice as well as everything you learn. So do not be frustrated that you can not stay focused for more than a few seconds when you start. Leave your thoughts by merely remaining observant, without allowing yourself to be carried away and without feeding them. It will be excellent as well!

3-You must practice in total silence

Silence can be very uncomfortable at first because we are not used to it. In this case, you can use a guided meditation that will be very useful for you to practice. You have someone who guides you step by step. If you feel that it is necessary for you, then you do not deprive it. This will prevent you from making some mistakes at the same time.

4-You need a lot of time to meditate

We are all busy with busy days! Few people have wide range of free time to devote to meditation. Know that even 60 seconds of calm to return to the present moment is fine. You can also take the opportunity to take some deep breaths. It’s always a minute of peace in your day that you could not have lived otherwise.

5- You must be alone when you practice

Although many people practice alone, you can also practice with a group of other meditators. If you plan to climb a mountain, then you would consider using a group as needed. It’s the same with meditation. You will also be less likely to be frustrated and give up if you are surrounded by people who encourage you to continue and learn continuously.

You see that meditation is much easier than it seems. And I have good news, even if you are imperfect in your practice (like me!), With repetition and a minimum of perseverance, you will naturally make progress. Remember that the most important thing is not the final destination but to enjoy the trip and all the way you travel. Enjoy your meditations and everything you learn!

I hope you enjoyed this article and that it will help to make you spend a day more Zen and more enjoyable.


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