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5 ways to deal with stress Anywhere, Anytime

There will be significant events in our lives, such as graduation, getting a job, getting married, becoming a parent that can cause stress. Even in our daily life, we are continuously exposed to multiples stress sources like finding a birthday present for our boss or getting the car repaired or coming late to the office.
In my opinion, stress itself is a normal thing in our lives, and sometimes it is a must to achieve something you want. But not extreme stress. It is painful, and sometimes it can spoil your daily life and be the cause of more or less severe health problems ( backache, headache, stomachache, and sometimes even hair loss.)
Let’s take a look at the factors that cause stress.
1- I believe that time is the foremost concern you should consider. If you do not have much time, then you may feel less confident standing 1 hour in front of an auditorium.
2-The degree of perceived hostility: if there are only people who don’t like in the auditorium, then it’s will be undoubtedly hot.
3-Or your level of confidence (if you have already overcome any similar situation ), the level of your fatigue and experience will also be an excellent factor in account to overcome any stress standing in front of an auditorium.

Now let’s take a look at how can you manage stress regardless of what the conditions are. It is interesting to know some techniques as discrete as useful, which do not require specific positions or complicated movements to explain.

1- Go For a Walk

When you practice sport walking, your blood is better oxygenated. This oxygen supply generates a feeling of serenity that you enjoy during and after your walking session ends.

During the effort, your body will produce more than five times endorphins than at rest. Endorphin is also called the “hormone of happiness.” A source of well-being for your mind; It helps you think positive and relieves stress and pain.

The “i don’t have time” myth.

Lack of time is maybe the main reason many of us have for not doing any exercise. However, it is not necessary to devote long hours to this practice to reap benefits. In fact, three sessions of physical activity, 10 minutes a day, provide the same benefits as a single session of 30 minutes. A minimum of 10 minutes of consecutive exercise(like walking) is, however, necessary to improve our health in the long term.

That said, a short term activity as climbing the stairs(if you don’t have time to go for a walk) still provides short term effects such as stimulating energy and strengthening muscles. As for me, i choose to go for a walk of 10 to 15 minutes at 9 or 10 pm. For me, it’s the best medicine for stress. With no phone at hand, no other people, I can genuinely say I’m enjoying the date I’m having with my self. Make the experience, i assure you, you will be pleasantly surprised.

2-Get organized

Stress is often caused when you’re (I am ) out of control. You have no idea what happening in your life or what you should do about it. Everything is chaos.
It seems it can make you anxious. Your financial issues bother you, your house rent keeps your mind all the time.

An excellent way to quickly regain control is to re-organize. For that, we only have to open our agenda or task manager and do the job.
It can be frustrating sometimes, before graduation, i had to take 3 or 2 days off from college to re-organize my ideas and get rest. I’ve never been good at organization. However, today i see a lot of improvements which I’m proud of.
So while your agenda is opened, make sure to get rid of all the extra tasks and all the things that are not essential. Thus, you will quickly feel lighter, and you will begin to see more clearly.

Once done, continue by structuring your schedule. Plan a work block and define what you will accomplish during these blocks. For that, you can try the Pomodoro method. This method consists of cutting our time into a 25-minute session followed by a 5-minute break. That is to say that for 25 minutes we stay focused on our work, then, we agree for a 5 minutes break. And every four sessions, we take a more extended break, 25 minutes.

This Pomodoro method is excellent because it gives you more visibility on the work to be done. Also, it allows you to take breaks at regular intervals to blow and relax.

3- Say no

When we say yes to everything, we end up engaging in too many projects. We have more delays to respect, which causes stress. Accepting more work than one can support does no service to anyone, which is why learning to say no is crucial.

The problem is that saying no is difficult because we are afraid of conflict and rejection. You can not be upset or even scared to miss opportunities. But let us remember that we create these barriers ourselves. If we say no, we have the right to say it.

Now, if we really have trouble saying it, we have different solutions:

Prepare our answer in advance and explain why we say no
“Sorry, that’s not possible. I have other priorities for the moment. “

“I can not right now, I’m in the middle of a task.”
When we give the reasons for our refusal, people often understand better. It is necessary to be careful not to be too much justified, otherwise it seems uncertain.

Preventing us from being busy
Another way to say no is not to say it. Let me explain. Instead of waiting for someone to come to us for a request and to be forced to say no, we can warn the people in advance that we already have too much on the fire.

For example, when starting a meeting, we can say:

“Before I start, I just want to inform you that I have a lot of work right now, so I can not accept any extra work.”

By anticipating the potential demands, our entourage will refrain from asking us anything. There will, therefore, be no need to refuse them.
Of course, stress prevents us from producing our best work. That’s one of the reasons we have to learn to manage it. So, to find more serenity, we can keep a healthy lifestyle, get organized, get out the air, put our thoughts on paper, and say no.

See the benefits available to you by trying these techniques!

4- Sleep 8h per night

In addition to eliminating these substances, one must also make sure to get enough sleep. Sleep has a significant impact on our level of stress. When you are short of sleep, you are more tense, nervous, and irritable. We are, therefore, more inclined to be stressed and anxious.

To sleep well, there is no secret. It is good to sleep at least 7-8h a day, in addition to eliminating coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes. We have better sleep when we remove these substances from our life. There may be a time of adaptation, but everything comes back after a while.

5- Laughter, a natural anti-stress

Laughter yoga
Laughing is good for your health. Laughter has been studied scientifically and has an interest in resolving tension and lowering stress.

The goal of Laughter Yoga is simple: laugh again and again until you can not. A small eccentricity that has been proven for our health: “The interest of yoga of laughter is to allow people to be less stressed, to access a near-immediate well-being because when we laugh, we develops the hormones of happiness, “says Karima Ngo, animator of the yoga of laughter.

Several scientific studies have also shown that laughter lowers the level of cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress. And it does not matter if the laughter is provoked. “Our brain does not make the difference between true laughter, genuine laughter and simulated laughter, it will produce exactly the same hormones of happiness,” says Karima Ngo.

So in case of stress or anxiety, pay yourself a slice of laughter. It’s safe and good for you.


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