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How to avoid overthinking?

What prevents most people from being happier in their life? These are not the external conditions, but instead, they think too much. Thinking and thinking can be a good thing of course, but that is no longer the case as soon as our mind races and turns an endless problem in every way.

Over the last 10 years, I have learned how to make questioning reduced to the bare minimum of what is needed, and I want to share with you 4 keys to achieve that as well. You will see your quality of life gradually appreciate as you have fewer thoughts, it starts with:

Realize that you can not control everything:
It’s pretty silly and at the same time totally right! Trying to think 50 times in all directions to a situation that concerns you is nothing but a means of your unconscious to try to control the situation.

You do not wish to take the risk of making a mistake, and your mind is running at full speed to cover all the available options and to avoid the possibility of misleading you. But despite all your efforts, you can never control everything! Trying to do this just does not work because no one can know all the possible scenarios in advance. This is obviously easier said than done, so remember that the next time you face a tricky situation.

Do not lose yourself in unconscious fears:
Another trap in which I have fallen many times and which has stimulated a lot of excessive thinking is the creation of disaster scenarios on what could happen by doing something new. So I learned to ask myself, “honestly, what is the worst scenario that can happen? “

I found that the worst scenario that could realistically happen is usually something that is not as scary as what my monkey mind could imagine with all those fears that are not based on any solid reality.

Finding clarity in this way usually only takes a few minutes, a little energy, a little courage not to follow your mind and it will save you a lot of time and save you a lot of unnecessary torment.

Spend more time in the present moment:
By being in the present moment in your daily life rather than in the past or in the lost future in your thoughts, you will be able to replace more and more situations that you usually spend overthinking to instead simply be in here and now. Here are three simple ways I often use to reconnect with the present moment:

Slow down: Slow down the way you do what you are doing right now. Move more slowly, speak slower or cycle more slowly, for example. In this way, you become more aware of how you are using your body and what is happening around you.
Just say, “Now I am …” I often say, “Now I’m brushing my teeth” or “Now I’m going for a walk” and so on. this simple reminder helps my mind to stop wandering and reminds me of what is happening right now.
Take breaks to reconnect: If you feel disturbed by too many thoughts, stop and take a break! Then, reconnect with the present moment by taking only 1 to 2 minutes to concentrate on what is happening around you entirely. Feel the present moment, listen to it, see it and feel it even in the sensations on your skin. In this way, you will not be lost in your thoughts!
Be aware of this difficulty (to remind you throughout your day):
Being aware that you have too many thoughts is essential to break this habit of overthinking. For this, you can create a few simple reminders to set up.

Two examples of reminders that you can use:

A small written note: Just use a post-it or something similar and write a question like “Am I too complicated right now?” Or another reminder that speaks to you better. Put this note where you can not avoid seeing it, such as on your bedside table, your mirror in the bathroom or next to your computer screen. You will never be able to miss this helpful reminder.
A reminder on your phone: Note a phrase or question in an app like Google Keep again, so you always have this reminder a few times in your day.
You can see that all this is very simple to set up. The most difficult is the regularity in time to get the most change, improve your quality of life, and have fewer thoughts. See you soon.


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