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A new Bad Boys movie is already on its way

After the premiere of Bad Boys For Life, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will return for a fourth installment of the saga.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence met again after 17 years for the premiere of Bad Boys For Life , the third part of this saga of policemen who, in their own style, solve cases and fight gangsters of all kinds.

Surprisingly, the film’s recent premiere was a blockbuster in the United States, with the plus that it also received positive reviews. This, unchained, in a single way: Bad Boys 4 has a green light and is already in development. 

Obviously, Smith and Lawrence will return once again to bring Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett to life, respectively. As you can tell The Hollywood Reporter , there is absolutely no detail about the plot, but  Chris Bremner  is already working on the script of this fourth film, so part of the pre-production is in process.


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