My hero academia 271: Did Ujiko’s words quash a popular AFO fan theory?

What’s up guys? only 1 day away from my hero academia 271 release date. last week bnha 270 gave us one of the most wonderfully illustrated chapters of the manga and also dropped a bunch of revelations on us unsuspecting folks out of nowhere. From Ujiko’s past to Nana Shimura’s appearance, it was an exciting chapter for readers. Chapter 270 might also have just casually quashed a popular fan theory about AFO and readers would not even have noticed it. Read on to find out what I am talking about but do make sure that you are up to date with the manga because this post will contain spoilers for the same!

My Hero Academia is in it’s most important arc yet. Numerous chapters of character development and foreshadowing have led to some of the most defining moments in the manga. While moments like Hawks’ killing of Twice made readers as well as characters question the established definitions of morality in the manga, lighter instances like Kaminari’s hero moment helped disprove the popular Kaminari traitor theory. While My Hero Academia 270 came with it’s own set of theory confirming moments like Nana’s appearance in Shigaraki’s dream that validated popular fan theories about Nana’s hand and a possible OFA/AFO connection, it also had a crucial bit of info that Ujiko gave out that disconfirms two popular fan theories at once: the AFO body swap theory and more importantly, the popular and widely talked about AFO-Deku’s dad theory.

This is a theory that has been circulating in the fandom ever since AFO first appeared in the manga with the scarred and masked visage and is probably the most popular theory in the fandom, it’s popularity being on par with the much-discussed Bakugo Time Travel theory. Many fans after having recognized the Star Wars references Horikoshi included in the manga started comparing the manga characters to those in Star Wars.

All Might was compared to Obi Wan and Gran Torino was said to be inspired from Yoda. These comparisons however didn’t end here. And AFO, who is such a big mystery that we don’t even know his name or were ever shown his face, was compared to none other than the iconic pop culture villain Darth Vader. Other than the fact that Vader was a prodigious Jedi turned Sith Lord who was the movies’ main villain, a more shocking fact was that he was the hero’s father. Many fans hence started speculating that Horikoshi was going to pull an ‘I am your dad, Deku’ move soon.

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Even though I am not a fan of this theory, I have to admit that it’s one of the most well crafted theories in the My Hero Academia fandom. From analysis of Shigaraki and Deku parallels to the detailed inspection of manga panels and dialogues, readers cite various reasons for AFO being Deku’s father. Readers also point out how similar AFO(atleast from the glimpse we get) and Deku look. Deku’s father remaining a mystery also adds fire to the fuel. The only things we know about Deku’s father are his name: Hisashi Midoriya ,that he works abroad and that he has a fire breathing quirk. An even bigger enigma than AFO, Deku’s father’s mysterious absence from his life is never acknowledged in the story, even by Deku himself.

In My Hero Academia 270 however, Ujiko reveals to Mic that All For One did genuinely choose Shigaraki as his successor and had given him all his power. This single dialogue disproves the above theory. Why? It’s as simple as this. If AFO had a son, why would he choose another lad, that too the grandson of his former nemesis as his successor. Now there were a lot of fans speculating that AFO might have abandoned Deku because he was quirkless but that could also be disproved by the fact that AFO was a very possessive man who famously gave his quirkless brother a quirk and he could have done the same to Deku. There is also no chance of AFO not being unaware of a son especially since the said son’s doctor was Ujiko. On top of all this, Horikoshi is already on his way to pull off the reverse Darth Vader trope with Dabi and Endeavour.


Even after nearly 300 chapters, Hisashi Midoriya still remains a big mystery. Deku ignoring his existence or rather his absence is strange. And since Deku is a shonen main character, it won’t be wrong to assume that his father is an important figure in the My Hero Academia lore. As of now, he’s simply specified to be a salary man working abroad. However his actual role in the story has endless possibilities.

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While a lot of fans speculate that he could be a villain, there are speculations that he is a hero spy who secretly works for the Hero Commission like Hawks did. There’s also the possibility that Horikoshi would not follow the usual shonen trope of ‘amazing superhero/Hokage’ father and just portray him as the average irresponsible dad just like Yusuke’s father from Yu Yu Hakusho. With Horikoshi stating in an interview that we will get to see Deku’s dad soon, looks like we don’t have to wait too long for him to show up.


My Hero Academia 270 saw Shigaraki twitching which means he’s about to wake up and wreak havoc. With Deku having been warned by Nana, it’s highly plausible that Deku and gang could end up in the hospital battle. Shigaraki waking up could be further postponed as his awakening would mean an almost unilateral win for the villains both at the hospital raid and the PLF mansion battle in which we could see a huge number of our favourite heroes biting the dust. As I have stated in earlier posts Xless is in immediate danger with Mic just behind him.

My hero academia 271

Heroes like Endeavor and Aizawa are seemingly safe for now because of their incomplete plot threads. There’s also the possibility that we will get a perspective shift to the PLF mansion raid where Dabi and Tokoyami were on the brink of a dangerous battle as he swooped in to save his master. We also haven’t seen many of the main players among the villains as well as top heroes like Wash and Yoroi Musha fight. There’s also Gigantomachia waiting for Shiagraki’s orders!

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MY HERO ACADEMIA 271 Release date:

My Hero Academia 271 will get released on 17th May. So who do you guys think is Deku’s dad? Do you think we will see him soon in manga? Or will he remain an enigma forever? Why do you think Deku never talks about him? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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