My Hero Academia 276: BAKUGO’S QUIRK LOSS

What’s up guys? My Hero Academia shook us all with another action packed chapter this week. As Deku and Bakugo were drawing out Shigaraki, the heroes, especially Aizawa were gearing up to defeat him under Endeavor’s command. As we wait for My Hero Academia 276, let’s discuss a popular theory that’s going around in the fandom: the Bakugo quirk loss theory!

If the name doesn’t indicate it, the theory simply means that Bakugo will lose his quirk. But why and how he loses is it is the more interesting aspect of this theory. According to the theory, Bakugo will sacrifice himself to protect Deku from Shigaraki and will have his quirk stolen by Shigaraki as a result. While it does look a bit far fetched that the second lead of the manga will lose his quirk, the very thing that decides his being a hero, it’s not improbable! My Hero Academia 276 could move the story in this direction if it hasn’t already been done.

Throughout the story, Bakugo was always defined by his quirk. He was a character that took pride in his quirk. He bullied a quirkless Deku for the same reason. Because Deku was quirkless and he had a superior quirk. Moreover he’s also very focussed on developing his quirk and is nearly obsessed with honing it to become the number one hero. We also see him relentlessly compete with the others, especially Deku. He’s also seen to sometimes berate others for their quirks. Even his involvement in the entire OFA business is also indicated to be a result of his intense rivalry with Deku and a disdain of him which again resulted from their childhood situation of possessing and not possessing quirks.

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From the plot’s perspective it would be a plot changing moment if Bakugo does truly lose his quirk. Here’s why: Bakugo has always been depicted as a selfish and arrogant student due to his proficiency with his quirk. His entire life goal is to be better than every one else. And what will happen when you take away his life goal from him? Remember Bakugo was  Deku’s childhood bully and at one point even told Deku to kill himself because he was quirkless.

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It will be a huge oppurtunity for his character development if Bakugo will experience what Deku experienced all throughout his childhood and learn to eventually empathize with Deku as this is a quality he’s often found to lack. Bakugo sacrificing his quirk for protecting Deku and OFA would eventually showcase another side of his personality too as he is the last person one would expect to sacrifice themselves for someone else. This could even serve as very strong motivation for Deku to train further and try his best and defeat Shigaraki in the future as Deku considers Bakugo his closest friend. 

The quirk loss might not even be permanent in Bakugo’s case as he’s the deuteragonist of the story but it will definitely serve as a very interesting plot point if he does lose his quirk. Many fans also speculate that this could even lead to Eri helping Bakugo retrieve his quirk which might then send him travelling back in time making him the eventual second user of OFA! Well, this a theory for another time!


My Hero Academia 276 will see Shigaraki fighting the heroes especially Aizawa. There are speculations that Aizawa will lose his quirk to Shigaraki or worse, even die. But Aizawa’s death is not imminent considering the sacrifices it took for him to be kept alive and also due to the Shirakumo plotline which has yet to be tied up. 

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As for Deku, looks like Deku and Bakugo are safe for now as Torino is with them but knowing Deku, he might jump into battle any moment to help out the heroes. A future jailbreak might also be in the cards!
We also haven’t really seen what’s going on at the PLF mansion but it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that Machia is on his way to Shigaraki with the members if the league. This could set up entire new plot points and open up new plotlines in the manga, especially a Todoroki family reunion in My Hero Academia 276 or we could just see an entire perspective shift to the mansion in My Hero Academia 276!

My Hero Academia 276 Release date:

My Hero Academia will be on a break the next week and so you can read My Hero Academia 276 on June 28!
So what do you think will happen to Bakugo? Will he really lose his quirk? What will be Aizawa’s fate in this battle? Will we finally see the League all together in My Hero Academia 276? Share your thoughts in the comments below!!