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7 mistakes are preventing you from being productive.

Here is another busy day, but still, you can find time to relax? Is it really that bad? Or it is just you?
Your pending list of tasks doesn’t seem to be reduced, and worse, you are continuously finding new things to add.
On the other hand, You may want to spend some time with your friends/family for weeks, but you can never finish what you have to do.
Don’t panic. We have all experienced this before. The good news is that you can do more without continually living this dilemma.
For that, beyond practicing good habits, it will be necessary to detach you from these 7 bad habits.

1-You do not prioritize any task on your task list

Of course, you understand the value of a to-do list, and you write down everything you need to do in the day. It is still missing the most important: you must prioritize your tasks.
According to David Allen in his book “Getting Things Done,” he recommends using the 2-minute rule to make life easier. That is, if a task takes less than 2 minutes to complete, you should do it immediately rather than waiting later, no matter what that task is.
This avoids the possibility of being distracted and forget the task later!
So it happens to be so focused on some of our tasks that we do not check whether it is possible to combine some of them.

2-You are not complying with your current task

If you are finishing an activity in your to-do list, are you giving it all the attention it deserves?
Imagine writing a message to one of your clients. It’s obviously essential for your business. Now, you’re somehow trying to make that customer happy so he could maybe recommend other future customers to you or leave positive feedback about your business.
You do not want to miss this opportunity, do you?
But the issue is the words don’t want to come.
So you go for a ride on Facebook or have fun listening to music. You can even give up something you have planned for another day.
Big mistake. The reason your list seems endless is not because you lack entertainment or enjoyable music to keep you accompany during the day, or because you have tons of things to do. No. The reason you can not complete your tasks is that you do not give them the attention they deserve. And therefore, you prevent yourself from progressing properly by giving in to distractions.
When you feel that you are distracted, go directly to the next task, do not get stuck in your task, and especially do not give in to the sirens of procrastination! You will come back to your original task later, so you will not waste your precious time.

3-You do not practice Mindfulness

It is surprising how few people practice Mindfulness on a daily basis, then complain that their day has passed without them realizing it.
But is it really surprising?
If you are not conscious and in tune with your mind, in the present moment, you will notice that your thoughts are fuzzy/negative, that they are futile, and never related to what you are doing. This will make it hard for you to focus on your tasks.
Without entering the field of meditation, you need to refocus on yourself. For that, you just need a pen and a sheet to be fully conscious right now. Draw two columns, a “Tasks” column, and a “Blockages” column, and ask yourself this question: What prevents me from doing task X?
Fill in both columns, and use the information you’ve discovered to mount a strategy and complete your tasks.

4-You do not merge your tasks

Merging your tasks is essential to get the most out of your concentration. Here’s why…

When you write an e-mail, you activate certain parts of your brain, especially those that deal with rational thought, coordination of the movements of your hands, and so on. Usually, it takes 10 to 15 minutes to be entirely focused on a task without you having to force yourself. Once you are in “the moment,” entirely focused, then writing your mails will be more and more effective.

However, if you continuously switch from one task to another, your mind will struggle to focus, and eventually, you will feel distracted. So, instead of finishing a task, you will end up with two half-finished tasks.

So just take a moment to answer all the e-mails in one go, then when you clear your mind of this task, move on. Your mind will thank you later when you realize that in the end, you have much more time than you thought.

5-You do not take the time to exercise

If we do not move our body a little from time to time, we lose energy, because without good blood circulation, our brain exhausts faster, our ability to concentrate declines and we become more and more ineffective.

Take a moment to get up and do some stretching. Give yourself a short break. Walk a little, or do a bit physical task that will not take you more than a few minutes.

You can also do physical exercises to recharge when your to-do list becomes unbearable. It is also an excellent way to recover your concentration capacity during the day. At the same time, it allows you to change air and move on to a completely different activity than you did.

6-You take too many breaks

Conversely, too many breaks can be detrimental to your attention span, as you are wasting time stopping/resuming your tasks. Although these breaks may be beneficial as described in the previous point, after long periods of work, they must remain casual and timed.

Likewise, your breaks should be devoted to an activity completely different from what you were doing before. Otherwise, it’s not really a break.

Just remember to find a good balance between work and rest, and adjust it according to your tasks. Do not forget either that only you know what works for you. Give yourself an acceptable break, then when the time comes to resume your activity then do not hang around and get back to work.

7-You do not use your own organization system

It’s great to rely on expert organizational advice, but only if it works for you.

In truth, there is no miracle product to cure all productivity problems. To be more productive, you must build your own organizational system based on your experience. Because if you do not use a system that only works for you, then you will inevitably end up in distractions.

Achieving your goals is not easy?
Imagine how much better you feel once you finish your task lists every day. How will this change your life gradually and serenely?
While it’s not always easy to achieve your goals, you can focus better and accomplish more than you think.

And if you apply these 7 tips in your life, then you will realize that time is not your worst enemy when it comes to becoming more productive.
On the contrary, you will notice that you always have the time to do what you want.

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