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4 easy steps to be happier in 10 minutes

How do you feel? Are you filled with joy today, or are
you in a mood of “sadness”? When you woke up this morning, did you
want to do a lot of things, or instead go back to bed?

Our thoughts give the color of our day — pink, gray, and
sometimes black. Yet every person wants to be happy, right? Nobody gets up in
the morning saying, “I hope to be unhappy all day and, if possible, all my

The desire to be happy is as old as the world, yet
happiness always escapes us (Ban the Henepola Gunaratana)

Maybe you think you’ll be happier if you have the latest
model of such a car brand, the latest high tech gadget from X or the last big
screen at Y, or fabulous holiday at the Z club. That advertisers want you to believe.
We must make the economy run!

Of course, at the moment, you have the impression that it
brings you some “happiness,” but in reality, it is only an illusional
excitement created by a new possession. Again, I do not denigrate all these
things. I just say that they do not bring true happiness that is inside.

Everyone wants to be happy. Everyone is looking for
happiness. But I have often heard, and I am sure you did too, some people who
say: “we are not unhappy, there is worse than us… Is that the goal of
life? Do not be unhappy? Find worse situations than ours? Of course not. The
purpose of life and the only one that is valid is: BE HAPPY! And I go even
further. It’s to be happy NOW;

Now let’s look at these eight attitudes to be happy.

1- Accept your self

Your time is more precious than the moments you spent
comparing your self to that friend or that person who is more successful than
you or has broader shoulders you’ve always asked for or has a beautiful
girlfriend. As Kurt Cobain said: “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of
the person you are.” –

Self-acceptance means that you understand who you truly
are and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. You know what you want, which
will allow you to be comfortable with your place in the world and be honest
with yourself.

It is a major key to accomplish your dreams and goals.
When you start accepting yourself, you begin to see and experience the whole
world from a different perspective. Instead of putting that great idea on the
back burner because it seems so illogical and immoral, you start seeing it’s
vast potential. More importantly, self-acceptance looks beyond the so-called
failures. It cares less about what others think and more about what you truly
desire. In the words of Dr. Robert Holden, “Circumstances and situations
do color life, but you have been given the mind to choose what the color shall

2- Accept people as they are

either you choose to or not. We are different from each

It can be race, native language, or religion. That’s
something we can not change both of us. It determines who we indeed are, that’s
our identity.

Accepting people as they are is nothing but a sign of
maturity that shows that you’ve reached an intellectual level, which enables
you to understand that people’s differences are wealth to humanity.

Working with friends from different backgrounds or
cultures allows you to learn about the world and how to live there. It is
always interesting to know that the land is not limited to your home or office.
You will also develop useful qualities when you grow up as tolerance, respect
for others, dignity as well as how to be open-minded. The difference is an
incredible wealth. In another country, for example, you can taste dishes you
did not know or learn a foreign language. Everything is possible, just accept
others and show them you too must be accepted because your culture is
fascinating as theirs.

3- Avoid social media

Nowadays the social media put a massive pressure in
people’s life trying to convince you to live a life isn’t yours. This extensive
connectivity can have you fooled into thinking that everyone’s life is
fantastic and that your life isn’t. Have you ever checked Instagram stories and
found out there are sad people. Of course not, they are all fucking happy.  in social media, you only get the highlight
reel of your connections’ lives.  It
doesn’t show you the everyday behind the scenes actions.

Social networks are meant to allow you to keep in touch
with friends, family, or even with your employees. But what they do is making
you asocial. Your character is becoming closing with time. Your social life is
decreasing. You lose the habit of meeting people physically, and if you ever
do, you spent your time taking pictures to post them on “Social media”
instead of having fun and do the simple talk.

4- Do not repress your feelings

Today most of us do not know how to handle our emotions.
Just observe how we react when we are: unhappy, upset, angry, or frightened. We
either smoke or drink or eat a lot of food. And in most cases, we get busy with
work/school/babies, etc. And we completely ignore our emotions.

So what happens when we do not manage our negative
emotions? Well, I’m glad you asked. By not responding to our emotions/thoughts,
they ended up repressed. We then have the impression that our negative emotions
have disappeared the newt day. But they are not. They are still there but
profoundly buried in our unconscious mind.

It’s only after a matter of time before they emerge
again, usually when we face a situation that triggers these suppressed
memories. At this point, we can continue to ignore our feelings and thus repeat
the circle or treat them immediately this time.

Now you must choose, will you continue to ignore the
cries of alarm of your mind by anesthetizing yourself in your daily routine, or
will you have the courage to start living your life in full consciousness, it’s
up to you.

so tell me, how can we manage our negative

1. First, by unloading your mind. Especially if the
incident has just happened and you are facing a massive influx of negative
emotions. Meditation, or merely contemplating our situation from an outside
point of view, is beneficial for this purpose. You can also use what usually
distresses you, such as playing a game, taking a break, walking a little,
listening to music, etc. as long as you come back to your problematic situation
after relaxing a bit.

2. Identify your source of misfortune by asking yourself,
“What makes me unhappy?” The answers can be very revealing,
especially if you have never asked the question. This will put you in the right
direction because rather than taking your emotions as they are, you are now
making an effort to understand them. If you are already very aware of your
feelings, it will allow you to go even further.

3. Create a list of steps that will help you manage your
source of misfortune. See the following steps.

a. Fix your problem immediately. There is no point waiting. The longer you wait, the more unhappy you will feel.

b. Focus on what you can do, not what you can not do. This includes things in the present, your thoughts, and actions. Stay away from things in the past or the future or thoughts or actions of other people.

4. Remember that every problem has its solution. You are limited only by your mind. Only when you broaden the scope of your thinking, you will find the solution that’s right for you.

5. Once you’ve done everything in your power, let things take their course. You did everything you could. Now let others and the universe do their part.

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4 easy steps to be happy in 10 minutes
4 easy steps to be happy in 10 minutes
4 easy steps to be happy in 10 minutes


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