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5 ways to simplify your life starting from today.

Living a simplified life is a beautiful thing, but it can be a daunting task to change a lot of things all at once, so instead of trying to simplify your whole life, simplify one thing at a time so that it is much more comfortable to make. You do not have to simplify everything today, but you can at least start with one thing.

I propose some ideas below which you can choose a thing to implement today and see the first changes. If it works well, keep it tomorrow and so on. If that does not suit you, try one of the other ideas. The important thing is at least to take a step in the right direction. And do it with a smile!

Here are 5 easy ideas to start simplifying your life today:

1-Only one thing at a time.

The next thing you choose to do, do just that and nothing else. Leave everything else aside, put away your phone, and focus 100% on this task. If you are reading this article, stay focused on it, and do not do anything else until you finish reading it. When you decide to check your messages, do it one at a time and fully dedicate all your attention to that. When you walk, have nothing to listen to or watch, except for the nature around you. One thing at a time all the time: When you wash a dish you only do that, when you eat, you do just that, and so on. It’s a straightforward idea, and it’s feasible at any time.

2- Use break times as mini-meditations.

When you’re done with one thing, instead of rushing to the next one, take a break. Enjoy this free time-space. Notice how you feel, what you just did, etc. When you go somewhere else, whether it’s another part of the office or another part of your city, take full advantage of the trip, as if it were just as important as anything you do and do not hurry.

3- Leave aside one of your commitments.

Our lives are so full because we often say “yes” so much that our responsibilities accumulate over time. You can make life a lot easier by removing one of your commitments. What does not satisfy you? What can you withdraw today by explaining that you do not have more space in your life? Practice saying “no” with confidence and love.

4- Be fully present with someone.

Choose someone today to be fully with him. When this is the case, cut off your phone, let go with all that goes through your head, and be totally present with this person. Listen to them. Send them your love. If you do this with one person a day, which is very simple to do, your life will become more enjoyable through better relationships.

5- Unclutter a space.

Choose a small area in your workspace or your home and unclutter it. The key is just to gain some bright space for the oasis of peace and simplicity that will spread throughout the rest of your life!
These are five little things you can do, and no matter what you have planned today do not do the five things at the same time as this would not be sustainable in the long run but choose one thing so that you can keep it in the weather! And take advantage of the simplicity that accompanies all these things to make your life more enjoyable!

I hope this article will have a positive impact on your life today by using one of these straightforward tips. See you soon.


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