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How to free yourself from stress to live a peaceful life?

We all fight for the same things in life: More security, more love, more happiness, more success, etc. These are our main goals, so we live by trying to find happiness.

Sometimes our disappointments can be extremely intense, then things turn out, and we become excited when things are going well. These are the ups and downs of life. Why live with this kind of stress when a better alternative exists?

How to achieve a peaceful and balanced life?

Peace is the fruit of our ability to take life as it is, rather than as we think it should be. We can train ourselves to stay in balance regardless of circumstances, apart from any temporary exaltation or consternation. It starts with:

1-Free yourself from your expectations and attachments:

When we expect something special, we begin to set ourselves up for the emotional roller coaster. We will be disappointed if it does not happen, or very excited if that is the case. But as it will not last forever, we will be disappointed again. You can take things from a new perspective:

That is, to realize that every situation is an opportunity to live. You will be open to anything that happens. For those who have a general fear that bad things might happen, try to detach yourself from this mental fear to experience life as it unfolds then …

2-Remember, nothing is permanent:

When life meets our desires, we hope that it will continue forever. Then when it does not go according to our wishes, we can not wait until it happens. In both cases, nothing is permanent. It’s hard to remember when we’re stuck in an uncomfortable and hard to accept a situation when life is easy.

Remembering that all things must end (and new situations will replace them) is a great way to start breaking away. Then…

3-Stay alert to see when you judge:

If you practice living in the present moment rather than evaluate how everything affects you, events will lose their hold on you.

Humans, for example, experience physical pain that is different from that of animals. We exaggerate the pain by thinking how much we do not want that. But we can take control of our misery by focusing on the actual size of the area it covers and what we really feel. Observation, instead of judging, can help us see reality beyond our emotional filter for more easily:

4-Use your intuition to guide you:

Life is like a river flowing. We can go with the natural flow of the current by letting us a guide, or we can row against the current, or we can hang a rock to stay on the spot.

Why not take the easy way by following the current? It means being aware of what you are experiencing by learning from each experience rather than striving. When it’s too hard, try a different approach rather than persisting in a cul-de-sac. It’s time to let go and open up to newness.

5-Find the natural flow of life:

Observe the nature that does things without a hurry, yet everything is accomplished. When you live with the natural flow of life, you will see that things will come together with less effort on your part.

So every day, give yourself a simple list of two important things you want to achieve. This will ensure that you advance on these two essential points, while also keeping time for the multitude of other experiences in your life.

Ending your stress is in your power by living the moment, and what a relief! See you soon.

how to free your self from stress


  1. I am fighting already a few years with stress and health problems which came because of stress… It’s a very important theme because our lives are surrounded by stress and every person in our life is pushing us somewhere… How to deal with it and keep your mental health in balance is a hard question BUT it’s not impossible! Also, I am learning with every day to flow like a river and don’t take everything too close to my heart 🙂


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