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Home Kingdom Kingdom Chapter 635 Spoilers, Raw and Read online?

Kingdom Chapter 635 Spoilers, Raw and Read online?

Hello everyone, Today we’ll be discussing Kingdom chapter 635. Spoilers, predictions and Release Date are given below. if you feel you’re not catching up and don’t like spoilers feel free to leave the post. Otherwise, keep reading

Kingdom Chapter 634 Discussion (Recap) :

in the previous chapter, Ousen has finally been able to catch up to Riboku that his facial expressions have shifted into worries and seriousness after a long time of showing the cool and calm guy. Riboku noticed that the Ouss’en army is reduced and that’s why he catch up so fast.
while the civilians were rioting and showing a more serious desire to break through the gates, the general got permission from Gyou Lord to use military force in order to stop any further chaos.

kingdom chapter 635

Meantime, Riboku carried out a sudden attack while Riboku army was resting that made Riboku step back and give him a chance to reach Gyou city. Riboku’s soldiers were happy when they saw Gyou is still standing and has not been taking down however their smile fade away after seeing Kanki army. Riboku decides to start the battle.

Kingdom Chapter 635 Predictions :

Riboku army has finally reached the city and decided to break through the Kanki army who was well prepared for this battle contrary to Riboku army who is exhausted after 18 days of fighting Ousen’s army and running at a crazy speed for more than a half-day. with the opening of Gyou gates which was thought impossible to fall down the situation is only getting worse, Riboku is in a situation when he must take some serious measures against such a bad case. 

considering Riboku army and Kanki army situations, it is reasonable to presume that Riboku will lose the battle if he chooses to fight instead of retreat or negotiate. (that’s from my point of view) 

kingdom chapter 635

however, due to historical facts that say Kanki will be defeated by Riboku, it is unlikely we’ll witness that kind of battle in the next chapter. but we’ll surely witness Gyou fate as well as what will happen to the citizen who could break through the gates and make it to the battlefield. will they be killed or protected by the Kanki army?

Kingdom Chapter 635 Release date and where to read online :

Kingdom Chapter 635 will be featured in Weekly Young Jump, which will be released on Wednesday, March 18th. Unfortunately, there are no official sources to read Kingdom online, consider buying the manga when it’s release in your country to help the creator. however, you can read the chapter when it’s out Here (even it’s not an official source, sensescans.com is the most reliable and fastest translation you can find out there) you can Read chapter 634 Here.


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