Best 14 Action Oppai Anime Who Deserves Praise!

Everyone likes to watch anime with oppai or big boobs in them. It feels like just their existence makes an anime better. But what if that show has action too? The level of the story goes up. But the problem is, with censoring becoming the norm, it’s difficult to find a worthy anime that ticks both boxes. 

So, we compiled this list. Make sure the door is closed when you are watching any of these 14 action oppai anime.

1. High School DxD

High School DxD

High School DxD is one of the greatest oppai action anime around. It has beautiful heroines with well-endowed bodies, lots of action, and of course, nudity for the cultured. 

Hyodo Issei is a high-school student with an unusual dream of becoming the harem king. He spends his days peeking at girls changing and talking about perverted things with his friends Matsudaira and Motoharu. 

But it all changes after he dies and gets resurrected as a devil by the madonna of the school, Rias Gremory. Turns out she was from one of the most renowned clans of the underworld. Now, he has another chance at life and fulfilling his dream of becoming the harem king. 

High School DxD has a few interesting elements that make this anime one of a kind. The evil pieces, for instance. They are chess pieces given to pure-blooded devils to resurrect other beings into devils. This is how Rias resurrected Issei and want his help to win the ranking games, a competition in the underground to increase one’s rank.

You will love High School DxD if you are a fan of watching battles full of emotions and oppai. 

2. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is a fantasy-shounen anime full of comedy, battle, and magic. But it still contains plenty of fanservice with well-endowed female characters losing their clothes once in a while. The main focus of the story is the characters from a magician guild called Fairy Tail.

The story starts with Natsu Dragneel, a teenage boy with a fiery temper and personality searching for his missing dragon dad. In his quest, he meets Lucy, an aspiring celestial magician who wants to join Fairy Tail. Natsu saves her from a pretender Fairy Tail magician while revealing himself to be a real one. They partner up with two other members and a flying cat to form a team and go on adventures together.

Sometimes funny, sometimes dark, and sometimes action-packed, Fairy Tail is a staple of oppai action anime. Be prepared for a long haul though, it has almost 300 episodes including movies and specials.

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3. Highschool of the Dead

Highschool of the Dead

Highschool of the Dead is set in a world where zombies are running rampant. Everyone must fight to survive. That doesn’t make the anime shy away from showing panty shots, butts, and most importantly, boobs.

One day, zombies started to attack humans all over the world. This catastrophic event dubbed Outbreak takes the life of many humans, including Takashi’s best friend. Takashi must join together with his friends to go on a dangerous journey and find out the reason behind the Outbreak.

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The author of the original manga has passed away, so we will never get to see the end of this amazing anime. But, Highschool of the Dead is still a must-watch show with amazing animation and a thrilling story.

4. Heaven’s Lost Property

Heaven's Lost Property

Heaven’s Lost Property is a great anime with excellently proportioned female characters. It doesn’t lack any action and most importantly, you’ll have a good laugh when watching. 

Tomoki is a perverted high-school student who spends his days doing lecherous acts like peeking at girls changing. But most of them end up in failure where he gets beaten by his childhood friend Sohara in the aftermath.

One day, he encounters a girl with wings who called herself Ikaros, a pet-type Angeloid. And he becomes her master. But he doesn’t know what it means to become the master of Ikaros.

5. Sekirei


Sekirei is a group of extraterrestrial humanoid girls with superpowers. They need help from a human partner called Ashikobi with the ability to empower them through a kiss. Their goal is to be the last one standing in a bloody battle royale and ascend to the Kouten or Promised land with their partner. 

The protagonist is a 19-year teenager called Minato. He is intelligent but is bad at handling pressure which is why he failed the college entrance exam twice. His normal life turns upside down due to a fateful encounter with a Sekirei called Musubi.

Throughout the course of the story, Minato becomes the Ashikabi for multiple Sekirei. He wants to protect the girls from the blood game going on. But not participating is not an option as any unwilling or defeated Sekirei will be forced to sleep. So, Minato must take part in the battle to protect his loved ones.

Sekirei is a harem story with plenty of action and lucky sukebe moments for the oppai action lovers to enjoy. 

6. Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere

The story is set in a far future where Earth is devastated. Humans have conquered Japan, the only place capable of living, and divided it between themselves while forcing the original inhabitants away. But an incident changes everything. 

The story revolves around an automated doll named P-01s who has the soul of a human girl called Horizon Ariadust. Turns out she has one of the nine most powerful mortal sin armaments, Ólos Phthonos within her. 

All the factions need P-01s to die for the weapon. But Aoi Toori, the student council president of the flying city Musashi and Horizon’s childhood friend has different ideas. He let her die once which left an unforgettable scar on him. This time, Aoi is determined to protect even if that means turning the world into his enemy.

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere could hard to follow at the start. But you will definitely enjoy the series with so many sexy but strong female characters.

7. Freezing


The anime is set in a world of the far future where humanity is invaded by aliens called the Novas. Stigmata that grant supernatural powers are implanted into young female students known as Pandoras and their male partners called Limiters. They study in military schools to train their powers and stop the Novas.

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The main character is a limiter boy called Kazuya. His meeting with Saellizer, the strongest Pandora of the second-year student begins their story of fighting to stop the Novas. 

Freezing is full of bloody fight scenes with fanservice in every episode. So, oppai anime lovers will definitely enjoy this series.

8. Strike the Blood

Strike the Blood

The world of Strike the Blood is set in the artificial city of Itogami Islan. A place filled with supernatural beings like vampires, demons, beast people, and so on! Even among such creatures, the fourth primogenitor is considered special. An immortal vampire accompanied by twelve familiars and said to be the strongest of all. 

Akatsuki Kojou, the character in question was a normal high school student three months before the story. Unknown circumstances led to him becoming the strongest vampire and losing the memory of the event that caused it all. But he is soon to be embroiled in unexpected situations after it is found out that he is the fourth primogenitor. 

Strike the Blood is a true harem story with beautiful anime girls showing their skin in almost every episode. And of course, most of them have magnificent oppai.

9. Maken-Ki


You can call Maken-Ki excessive when it comes to fanservice. But that’s welcomed for action oppai lovers, as there will be no shortage of naked anime girls with big boobs walking around.

Takeru is a new student at Tenbi Academy, a school that recently turned co-ed. He is excited to get accepted as he wants to get acquainted with as many girls as possible. What he did not expect, however, every student in this school uses a magical weapon called Maken to duel. 

Now, Takeru must find a suitable Maken for himself to properly adjust to the academy all the while avoiding girl troubles. But it’s a difficult task given all the beautiful girls around him, including his self-proclaimed fiancee and childhood friend who is also the madonna of the campus. 

10. Queen’s Blade

Queen’s Blade

Queen’s Blade is a tournament hosted every four years to select the queen of the continent. There is no restriction as long as the participant is a woman above 12 years and of a sane mind. The winner gets all the status and power in the world while the loser gets humiliated in unbecoming ways.

The main character is Leina, the heir to Vance county. She leaves her heritage to participate in the Queen’s Blade tournament to follow in her mother’s footsteps who was a warrior. Her naive and righteous personality always gets her into trouble. But Leina is prone to fear and sometimes wet herself when an opponent overwhelms her in a battle.

Queen’s Blade is a must-watch for fans who love anime warrior girls with oppai.

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11. Triage X

Triage X

The author of the Triage X series is the same artist of Highschool of the Dead. So, of course, it has lots of amazing fights with mesmerizing characters and oppai ladies.

Arashi is a high school student with a tragic backstory. He was once a victim of a terrorist attack where he lost his family and best friend. A doctor with extraordinary skills saves him by transplanting Ryu’s organs into him. Since then, he became a member of the Black Label. An organization that punishes criminals the law is unable to. 

Despite Triage X being a dark series, there are moments when Arashi finds himself in sultry situations with his gorgeous comrades.

12. Ikki Tousen

Ikki Tousen

All the female characters of Ikki Tousen are reincarnations of warriors of the past. So, don’t be shocked when a familiar name pops up as a girl with a marvelous body. 

The story follows Hakufu Sonsaku, a student at Nanyo Academy. She is the reincarnation of the legendary warrior Sun Ce. Usually, a nice person, Hakufu becomes like a raging bull in front of a strong enemy. And she doesn’t care about the politics or schemes going around her. But her tendency to go headstrong in a fight decreases as she becomes the leader of her school.

Ikkitousen is a straightforward anime mostly about fighting between the reincarnated legendary warriors to prove their might. But there are many instances where they lose their clothing when engaging in combat.

13. Majikoi


This is an anime that’s been adapted from a visual novel, a naughty one at that. The story revolves around Yamato, a smart and intelligent student who wants to get recognized by his older sister-like figure, Momoyo. 

Most of the prominent characters in the series are all females and they are strong to boot. They fight using their special characteristics and martial arts. Momoyo is arguably the strongest in this series, and also Yamato’s main love interest. He is not strong enough to compare to her, so he is determined to show his caliber through his intellect. But there are other love interests who are also fighting for Yamato’s affection. 

Majikoi runs for only 12 episodes, so there’s not much to say. But it’s an anime that definitely deserved to be on this list. 

14. Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven centers around Arata, a high school student living with his cousin Hijiri. He has a casual personality with perverted nature and likes to fool around most of the time. His city is destroyed by a “Breakdown Phenomenon” and Hijiri disappears, leaving a magic tome with him. 

Determined to learn about Hijiri’s whereabouts, Arata enrolls at the Royal Bibilia Academy and meets the trinity seven. A group of seven girls who mastered their magic. They will become indispensable allies for Arata in his quest for searching for Hijiri. And it is not rare for him to be placed in raunchy situations with his beautiful companions.

Do you have an anime you want to add to this list? Let us know in the comments.