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Episode 4 of anime A3 is delayed indefinitely!

Through the official website of the anime  A3! , based on the mobile training game of actors of the company Liber Entertainment , it was revealed that the fourth episode of the series was delayed indefinitely due to production problems indefinitely. The release date of chapter 4 will be revealed shortly.

Anime A3 episode 4

The anime will be broadcast in two parts: The first entitled “Season Spring & Summer”  that will air from January to March 2020, and the second by name “Season Autumn & Winter”  that will be broadcast from July to September 2020.

The previously announced cast members include:

  • Kaori Nazuka will  play Izumi Tachibana. (The leader and chief director of Mankai Company )
  • The 20 cast members for groups of story actors are repeating their game roles.
Anime A3 episode 4

Staff members:

  • Keisuke Shimohara (Black Fox)  directs the anime in the PAWORKS and Studio 3Hz studios .
  • Mariko Komatsu is adapting Ryō Fujiwara’s original character designs  and also serves as lead animation director.
  • Naoki Hayashi  (Black Fox)  is in charge of the series scripts.
  • Masayoshi Ohishi  is producing the anime’s closing song, after doing the same for the game.
  • Infinite is producing.
Anime A3 episode 4

The A3 game debuted in January 2017, reaching two million downloads within a month of its great debut. The application ranked second in sales of iOS games in Japan twice on January 9 and 10, 2018.


In the original game story he introduces us to four groups of male actors, each themed after a particular season of the year. Players take the role of producers and are responsible for training the performance skills of each group.



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