Black Clover 248 Spoilers, Black Clover chapter 248 Raw and Release date

Ey up guys, Here we go again to discuss Black clover chapter 248 Spoilers Raw scan release date are given below. Please be aware that the post contains spoilers about the latest chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 247 Discussion:

black clover chapter 247 feels like it went by reaaaaaaal quick. Kind of fitting really seeing as it’s focused on the fastest of the Black Bulls, Luck Voltia. We’ve moved over to the Heart Kingdom which is currently under siege by Vanica and her forces. Everything’s on fire (somebody crank Fire by Kasabian on the radio…..or whatever the Black Clover equivalent would be) and the Spirit Guardians are all taken out. Considering these are basically the Heart Kingdom’s version of Magic Knight Squad Captains that’s pretty telling about how serious the situation is. You know, aside from the whole flaming forest thing……..anyway so we meet one of these Dark Disciples, Svenkin. He’s somewhat……camp, in an odd rather twisted way. And also has hair like a sheep, so make what you will of that. He proceeds to wreck shop around town until Luck spoils his fun. We find out Svenkin’s magic is Skin Magic, that he can change his skin to cancel out the magic of his opponent. Certainly one of the more unusual magic attributes we’ve seen so far in the series, but an interesting attribute nonetheless. He proves just how powerful he is by nearly taking out Luck in a matter of seconds.

Black clover chapter 248

Normally camp/gay characters can end up being very stereotypical in their portrayal in most anime and manga (Remember Yumichika and Charlotte Chuhlhourne in Bleach? You get the picture) but at least with Svenkin it doesn’t seem quite so stereotypical, and he does seem to counter out the “fabulousness” of his personality with a rather rugged and more masculine appearance so it’s not as bad as other franchises attempts to include such characters. It’s a little disappointing to see the Spirit Guardians off-screened like that but perhaps they’ll make a return at some point, we’re still at the beginning of this arc in fairness. Although this doesn’t bode too well for Gaja is the Disciple could do this, when it’s probable he’ll face down Vanica herself in order to save Loropechika. But overall I enjoyed this chapter, although knowing there’s a longer gap between now and the next one is disappointing it’s also understandable given the circumstances.

Black Clover Chapter 248 Predictions

in terms of Black clover Chapter 248, we’re in the Heart Kingdom Assault section of this part of the arc. Luck, Leopold, Charmy, Mimosa and Noelle are all in the Heart Kingdom right now so I think it’s likely we’ll see each of them take on a Dark Disciple. Rill was shown in the Kingdom about 15-20 chapters ago but seeing as there’s been a captain’s meeting since then he’ll have gone and no longer be around. Then again, Potrof was shown defeated and seemed to be Rill’s tutor so it would be fitting for him to be the one to face whoever defeated Potrof. Luck’s fight will likely finish in chapter 248, then onto another Disciple vs Knight. As we don’t know what these other Disciples abilities are it’s impossible to guess who will face who. If we get Mimosa next I hope we see her use some more offensive abilities. Her plant magic has many versatile uses, mostly in healing, but as far as more attack-based spells the only one we’ve seen thus far would be Solar Beam. As it’s been six months that will probably be even more powerful, but she will need more than that just to win her fight I imagine. Perhaps using Vines, or some Poison Gas from a plant to paralyze her enemy would be useful. We didn’t get told if Mimosa had trained under Potrof but it would make sense if she had so hopefully he taught her a thing or two.

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We’ve had hints as to what Leopold can do in earlier chapters so seeing him go all out now should be fun. It’s hard to imagine Charmy losing but it feels likely given the losses everyone else has dealt with so far. Although I think aside from Loro herself she may be the hardest to take down. Now when Vanica and Loro square up, the question is whether Noelle will be there to help. I think so, facing Megicula, the demon who was responsible for cursing her mother Acier, makes it likely Noelle will try to fight her but ultimately she will lose, but perhaps we’ll get some more hints in chapter 248 as to just what went down between Acier and Megicula could be dripfed here. Noelle may try to save Loro, but it is very likely she will lose or die by the end of this battle

Black Clover 248 Raw and where to read online:

The series is featured on MangaPlus and Black Clover chapter 248 should be available on 26 April 2020 as there is a break for Weekly Shonen Jump next week, Black clover 248 Raw will be out 2-3 days before. Meanwhile, Chapter 247 can be found here.

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