Confirmed: Mushu will not be in the Mulan remake

The director anticipated that Mulan’s protective dragon, Mushu, will not be part of the remake that will arrive in late March.

After two advances shown in the new version of Mulan, the question we didn’t all ask was general, where is Mushu? The particular dragon that had the voice of Eddie Murphy in the first installment and Mark Moseley in his sequel.

To end the speculation, the remake director herself, Niki Caro , confirmed that she will not be part of the live-action remake and explained the reasons for her absence in the framework of an interview with Digital Spy .

“ I think we can all realize that Mushu is irreplaceable.  You know, the animated classic has no comparison in that regard. In this movie there is a creature that is a spiritual representation of the ancestors, particularly of Mulan’s relationship with his father.  But an Mushu update? no, ”  said Caro. The animal referred to by the director is a creature similar to a phoenix that we can see in one of the advances, and that clearly will not have the same impact and connotation as our endearing red dragon.

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