Dragon Ball narrator of the English version dies

 Dragon Ball narrator in English dubbing has lost his life. Today, the Otaku community is mourning, as actor Brice Armstrong, who cheered up the childhoods of many English-speaking fans, died at 84 years of age.

dragon ball narrator dies

The news comes from the talent management group Mary Collins Agency. The company confirmed that Armstrong died on January 10 from natural causes.

For those who are not familiar with the actor, Armstrong was the narrator in the dubbing Funimation of Dragon Ball. Then he joined the cast of Dragon Ball Z where he voiced Captain Ginyu. He would return to the franchise with the fourth Dragon Ball movie as a narrator before playing Lord Slug in “Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug.”

Outside of Dragon Ball, the voice actor played many other roles. He worked in the Lupine III franchise as Douglas, Baki the Grappler, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fruits Basket and Yu Yu Hakusho.

On Facebook, the Mary Collins Agency posted an emotional monument to the veteran voice actor. “In the anime and game community, Brice is perhaps best known as the narrator of the original Dragonball series, the characters of Captain Ginyu and Lord Slug in Dragonball Z, in addition to providing voices about Yu Yu Hakusho, Lupine III, Case Closed and many others. titles, ” the company shared.

“ Christopher Sabat, a voice actor from the Mary Collins Agency and founder of Okratron 5000, often worked and directed Brice. ‘Brice was the friendliest and funniest person I’ve ever met. He was always humble, never in a bad mood, not the attitude you would expect from an industry legend, ”they added.

The Dragon Ball narrator in all versions of the series has been a key part of every fan’s childhood. From shareitnow, we send our condolences

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