10 Best Itachi Quotes

-Growth occurs when one goes beyond one’s limits. Realizing that is also part of training.- Itachi Uchiha

-I’ve had enough, there’s no hope left for this pathetic clan. Itachi Uchiha

Those who forgive themselves, and are able to accept their true nature… They are the strong ones! Itachi Uchiha

Knowledge and awareness are vague, and perhaps better called illusions.” Itachi Uchiha

We do not know what kind of people we truly are until the moment before our deaths. As death comes to embrace you, you will realize what you are. That’s what death is, don’t you think? Itachi Uchiha

You Will never have to forgive me. No matter what happens to you from here on out, I will always love you Itachi Uchiha

Obsessed with Organization, obsessed with the clan, obsessed with ourselves. A worthless compulsion that enslaves us and limits our capabilities, leading us to fear what we don’t understand. Itachi Uchiha

I am always going to be there for you, even if it is only as an obstacle for you to overcome, you and I have to live together, even if it means hating each other, that…is what big brothers are for… Itachi Uchiha

Do not judge others simply by their preconceptions, and judgment based on their appearance. You assumed…that I have patience… You all fail to measure your own capacity and my capacity. As a result, you lie here, beaten Itachi Uchiha

Self-sacrifice….A nameless shinobi who protects peace within it’s shadow…THAT is a true shinobi… Itachi Uchiha

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