Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 134 Spoilers and Raw scans Release date

What’s up guys? This week sees the near aftermath of the Shibuya incident with the arrival of Geto. The chapter also gives us a glimpse into what might happen as a result of whatever went down at Shibuya and how that could affect Yuji’s ultimate fate. Read on to find out what happened in this chapter and what might happen in Jujutsu Kaisen 134 next week but do make sure that you’ve caught up with the manga to avoid getting spoiled by this post !!

JUJUTSU KAISEN 133 Discussion:

This week the manga looks like it’s all set to conclude it’s longest arc yet with Geto arriving and interrupting the battle between Mahito and Yuji. Mahito looked like he did anticipate the arrival of fake Geto and quickly gets captured by him. A shocked Yuji looks on, realizes that thiis was in fact the man who started everything and that he had Gojo with him.

Yuji proceeds to attack him and get back Gojo but Geto easily deflects his attacks and uses some of his own attacks and summons on Yuji. He uses the same attack he used on Mei Mei which makes the victim feel like they’re falling. Geto also talks about how Okkutsu wouldn’t have won the last time Geto attacked if their forces weren’t split. What’s interesting about this chapter is that it delves into what could be the economic aftermath of the Shibuya incident with Japan’s economy indicated to fall as a result.We see Mei Mei selfishly escape to Malaysia with the help of her younger brother’s technique to, well, profit from the incident.

This is again what makes Jujutsu unique in the sense that it tries to portray things realistically. This is also a clear depiction of Mei Mei’s money minded and ambitious nature which is in stark contrast to the nature of someone like, say Nanami. We also get to see Panda and Kukusabe alive after Sukuna’s attack and discussing what will happen to Yuji after all this. Kukusabe makes it explicitly clear that Yuji has to be killed and that he will not support him during a trial, looking at the giant crater and the destruction and loss of life Sukuna’s attack caused.

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We also see Choso being very confused after getting hit with Yuji’s mysterious technique that makes his victims feel a strong emotional connection to him.[11:04 PM]This previously worked on Todo who considers Yuji his brother now. The chapter ends with Geto preparing to launch another attack at Yuji.

JUJUTSU KAISEN 134 Spoilers & Analysis:

With Geto’s arrival and Todo unconscious, it doesn’t look like Yuji is going to win. Geto or whoever is occupying his body is too strong an opponent as evident from whatever he did. Geto could try to convince Yuji to join his side instead of actually attacking and absorbing him by manipulating him with the consequences of Sukuna’s devastating attack. Yuji already understands how deadly it was and with Gojo captured, it doesn’t look like Yuji has any chance of returning back and being accepted by Jujutsu Tech.

Even if does return back, the higher ups will lose no chance to imprison him and try to execute him. With Sukuna in the game and his consumption of a large number of fingers this arc, it could also be possible that Yuji cannot actually be executed as Sukuna might protect him instead. Sukuna might also make an appearance again in this current fight with Geto to save Yuji. As to who the real brain behind Geto is, is still a mystery. A lot of readers and fans feel that it is Noritoshi Kamo, the Meiji Era Kamo family head who was the creator of the curse spirits.

But it’s not confirmed and it could literally be anyone right now. Maybe it was somebody an equally powerful foe of Sukuna’s. We still don’t know who all have survived this arc. Panda and Kukusabe being alive is itself a surprise and it could mean that others like Inumaki could also be alive. What will happen to Yuji is an interesting plotline and might finally introduce Yuuta Okutsu into the story as his saviour just like Gojo was!

JUJUTSU KAISEN 134 Raw scans release date:

Jujutsu Kaisen 134 releases on the 27th of December! So what did you guys think if this chapter and what might happen in Jujutsu Kaisen 134?? Will Yuuta finally arrive? Who is going to save Yuji from Geto? Is this the last we see of powerful Gojo? Share your thoughts in the comments below!! don’t forget to check our latest posts: My hero academia 296

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