Luffy vs Goku : who could win?

During all this time, since the premiere of Dragon Ball in the 80s and Dragon Ball Z in the late 80s and early 90s, all of us have debated about which characters from anime, comics, or video games could rival in terms of fighting power with our favorite Saiyan, Son Goku.

Goku, or Son Goku, or Kakarot is an extremely powerful character, capable of destroying mountains with just one finger or destroying planets or even stars with a Kamehameha; but despite the fact that we have all witnessed his abilities, there are still those who debate that many characters can face him, and among them is Luffy, the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and main protagonist of One Piece, who is also titanically strong, as it has shown from 1997 to today.

Today we will get out of this great doubt… Although many already know who the winner will be, but, even so, we all want to see a debate like this; so, we will put these two titans face to face and we will see who, of the two, is the strongest.

Son Goku vs Luffy :

Ok, let’s start with Son Goku first; Son Goku, born as Kakarot, is an alien of the almost extinct Saiyan race, a race of extremely strong aliens that are characterized by having a monkey’s tail and by having the ability to turn into giant monkeys when there is full moon. Saiyans are very bad by nature, but due to a heavy blow to the head when he was a baby, that evil completely disappeared, becoming a person without a hint of evil. His fighting level was increasing as the series progressed, at first his abilities were already inhuman and at the end of Dragon Ball Super, his abilities rival those of a God.

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In order not to get too long, Son Goku is capable of destroying buildings, houses, mountains, and cars with his simple fists, he is capable of teleporting from one planet to another with total ease, he is capable of launching energy beams that can destroy a mountain or destroy a complete planet, he can transform into a Super Saiyan that multiplies his power 50 times; remember that he can transform up to phase 4 and after that, the God phase and can reach and master the Ultra Instinct, which increases his power level in an unimaginable way, capable of rivaling the God of Destruction Beerus himself; not forgetting that just reaching this transformation made the world tremble.

Son Goku in his Ultra Instinct phase is basically a God; in Dragon Ball he is second only to Zeno, the creator of all universes. It is difficult to find a rival for Son Goku since the more Dragon Ball advances, its power will continue to increase; I don’t want to say that Saitama from One Punch Man can beat him, as he is a parody of an overpowered hero, but characters like Superman, Doctor Manhattan, Mercurius from Dies Irae could rival Son Goku.

Now let’s talk about Monkey D. Luffy, the future pirate king. Luffy at the beginning of the series starts out as an incredibly strong fighter thanks to his devil fruit called “Gomu Gomu no Mi” which gives him rubber properties, turning him into a human rubber. Thanks to this fruit, Luffy is almost immune to forceful attacks, including punches and kicks, it even makes him immune to bullets and cannonballs. On top of that, Luffy is extremely strong despite his physical appearance, being able to rival in terms of physical strength with Donquixote Doflamingo, Spartan, and Enel, who are incredibly strong One Piece‚Äôs characters. Thanks to his devil fruit, Luffy is able to use the 3 phases of the Gear, a technique that increases his strength, speed and mobility in great proportions, with which he would easily destroy an island with sheer brute force.

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Besides that, Luffy is one of the few characters in all of One Piece to be able to use all 3 types of Haki; Haki is a mysterious power that allows the user to use their spiritual energy in battle or for any other purpose. Luffy is able to use the Haoshoku Haki, the Kenbunshoku Haki, and the Bushoku Haki, which make him even more powerful than before.

Luffy also possesses durability and inhuman resistances, being able to fight for 9 hours in a row receiving more blows than he could give and is immune to poisons, which all make Luffy one of the strongest characters in all of One Piece and a of the most destructive forces in the anime scene.

Putting Son Goku vs Luffy to fight at first sight could be a great fight, but in the long run we would realize that the winner was Son Goku from the beginning. As I said before,Son Goku is almost a God and the abilities and powers demonstrated by him or other characters in the world of Dragon Ball are far superior to the powers in One Piece; for example, the earthquakes that Whitebeard produces in One Piece could easily be made by Son Gohan in Dragon Ball. Honestly, in my opinion One Piece is better anime than Dragon Ball, but the levels of power in DBZ cannot be easily surpassed. And another thing, assuming that Luffy today beats Son Goku, the next time they would fight, Son Goku will win; Son Goku will always get stronger.

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Who is faster, Son Goku or Luffy?

Son Goku is much faster than the speed of light, and like I said before he can teleport, although to be honest that does not count as speed. On the other hand, Luffy using Gear 2 is much faster as lightning. In terms of speed, Son Goku is also the winner.

Who eats more, Son Goku or Luffy?

Both characters are also known for their almost endless appetites; but unlike the last answers, here the winner is easily Luffy. Luffy is literally made of rubber, so his stomach can be stretched very easily without causing internal damage to his body. He is able to eat as much food as he wants, he even developed a technique to eat while he sleeps, it’s amazing. And not only that, his greatest eating feat was eating a large number of biscuits-men for 12 hours straight. There is no doubt that Son Goku has a huge appetite, but Luffy is on another level when it comes to choosing who has the biggest appetite.