Yesterday wo Utatte episode 3 release date Spoilers and Streaming details

Hey Guys, in this blog we will be discussing the upcoming events of yesterday wo Utatte episode 3 and recapping all that happened in the last 2 episodes. So make sure to catch up as there are heavy spoilers for the anime.

Rikuo is a college graduate who lives his life unfazed working in a convenience store until one day he casually meets again with Shinako, his former classmate and romantic interest. However, prior to that encounter he met Haru, a vivid mysterious young girl who has a crow as a pet. Due these unexpected encounters Rikou’s life baggage slowly open unleashing a set of unresolved feelings he had left as forgotten but now must deal with them.

This season we are not running out of dramas nor slice of lifes in which the protagonists are adults. This time Doga Kobo (New Game!) takes a break from it’s usual seasonal moe roster to give us an adaptation of Kei Toume’s late nineties manga, under the direction of Yoshiyuki Fujiwara (Plastic Memories, New Game!!).

The quality that stand out the most so far are how the storytelling and the high production quality go hand with hand during the development of the episodes. How the balance of quietness and light guitar’s chords with the panning in a specific point of the shot successfully enhanced the immersion on the situation, while everything on the shot was produced with the same quality so the attention is not taken away from the focused action. Is thanks to that the anime is managing to be engaging so far.

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Yesterday wo Utatte episode 1 & 2 Discussion (recap):

In the opening episode, Rikuo deals with the encounter of those two girls, Haru and Shinako, which also both know each other, and how it affects his life. Haru with her random appearances and hints that she loves him while with Shinako, about his unanswered feeling towards her.

One day, Rikuo, after his work colleague called him out of avoiding life so he does not get hurt, he finally confess to Shinako but she rejects him and ask to end any communication and he forcefully accept.

In yesterday wo Utatte episode 2, Shinako and Rikuo try again to be friends despite what happened but it ends after Rikuo finds out she has not moved on from the death of her high school crush and how that will affect their relation so they cut contact again. But Haru also get to know this insight so she declares war to Shinako in which the prize is Rikuo.

yesterday wo Utatte episode 3 predictions and Spoielers:

Last episode felt the story reached it’s peak smoothly with Rikuo and Shinako issue because it felt the story gives a clousure to their relationship by knowing what’s behind their minds of both sides so now is up to see what direction will take after this and how Haru will develop from this since she is the only important character, so far, who we do not know much besides casually meeting Rikuo years ago and being a former student of Shinako until she was kicked out of school.

And since the anime is just starting, I expect more characters to be introduced yesterday wo Utatte episode 3. Last episode introduced Shinako’s childhood friend which served as a trigger to told the backstory of her.

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yesterday wo Utatte episode 3 Release date and where to watch online:

Sing “Yesterday” for me is currently streaming in Crunchyroll and the yesterday wo Utatte episode 3 will drop this Saturday 18th (UTC -5)

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