Kingdom Chapter 639 Raw, Kingdom 639 Spoilers and Release date

Hello and welcome guys! Here we go again to discuss Kingdom chapter 639 Spoilers, Raw scans release date and recap what happened in chapter 638 as well. Please proceed with caution, as this post has some heavy spoilers for the manga. Enjoy!

Kingdom Chapter 638 Discussion (Recap):

kingdom Chapter 638 is quite satisfying for our friends from Qin. The chapter starts off with a flashback as to when Ousen asked Shou Hei Kun for a favor. Ousen understood that even when his army captured Gyou, that their supply lines would be cut off. He also understood that the only way that Qin would be able to resupply to their army, would be through the Yellow River. However, Ousen also knew that Riboku would reach that same conclusion. Therefore, Gyou would only be able to be resupplied through a second path along the river. But in order to make this possible, there needed to be a sacrifice.

Ousen’s request is threefold. The first is that absolutely no one outside of Ousen and Shou Hei Kun would know about the plan. Not even Shou Hei Kun’s most trusted vassal in Kai Oku knew of the full plan. This secrecy made it impossible for any enemy to learn of the plan. The second part of the request was that the Qin would send actual supplies to Gyou. This part is the sacrifice. Ousen knew that the Qin supply line would be defeated and sank by the Zhao, but by doing so would mislead the Zhao and Qin alike into thinking that was the end of the Qin army. The third part of the request was to make an offer to the Qi king. Qi would gather and deliver supplies through the river and into Gyou, in exchange for double to normal price for such goods and services. This plan would be successful because not even Riboku would suspect that Qi would agree to such terms.

Fortunately for Qin, Riboku was being transported to the Zhao capital because Riboku did come to realize Ousen’s intent. He was just to far removed from the battlefield to relay that message to his army in a timely manner. By the time Kaine and the other Zhao officers realized what was happening it was to late. Gyou was already resupplied.

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To the delight of everyone inside Gyou, they were saved and could live to fight another day.

Kingdom Chapter 639 Spoilers and Predictions :

kingdom Chapter 639 will most likely have a lot of panels detailing the Qin army eating and celebrating their livelihood. We most likely will get to see how the wounded are doing including Kyou Kai. However, Ousen should summon all officers to discuss the strategy to retake Retsubi. After all, the war isn’t quite over yet.

We will also see Riboku in prison being held responsible for the failure at Shukai Plains, and for losing Gyou. Riboku will be visited by a certain Zhao official, who will be asked to deliver a message to his officers to make an alliance with Yan and Wei. The purpose would be to use that alliance to drive Qin away. Unfortunately, Riboku’s message will never be delivered, which will signal Zhao’s complete defeat.

The remaining question here is who will lead the army to reclaim Retsubi? Will it be Kanki? Yo Tan Wa? The young trio? In a surprise it is actually going to be Tou. What we don’t know is how or why he was able to leave the front lines against Wei. Could Wei have made an alliance with Qin after learning the news about Qin’s victory? Will Wei now concentrate on an internal troop build up, and fortify their cities to become nearly impenetrable? Lots to find out.

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Kingdom Chapter 639 Raw and Release date :

kingdom 639, will likely come out on Wednesday, April 15th and fans will be able to discuss kingdom 639 on Reddit and other social platforms. You can find it on in order to read the best (unofficial) translated version. Unfortunately, Kingdom manga does not print in English, but please support the author when it becomes available in your language. See you next week!

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