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Hello and welcome! Below you will find discussion & spoilers regarding kingdom 649 Raw and recap of the most recent chapter of kingdom, Heavy spoilers. Enjoy!

Kingdom Chapter 648 Discussion (Recap):

kingdom Chapter 648 starts off with Mister Shi, and Shou Bun Kun being stunned that Sei has secretly gone to see Ryo Fui in Kanan. They did not believe that Sei would be safe in Kanan because they do not know the motives Ryo Fui, and they do not trust his newfound supporters. However, Sei has brought a talented group of guards to protect, and he doesn’t plan on staying in the city for long. Instead, Sei wants to see for himself if Ryo Fui’s eyes have changed, or if they are still the same defeated eyes from years ago. It turns out that Ryo Fui’s eyes are the same as before, which suggests that he doesn’t have any motive to conspire against the Sei.

kingdom 649

Both Ryo Fui and Sei go on to discuss alone, about their previous conversation. Ryo Fui still believes that he was right, and reminds El Sei that the only way for El Sei to prove that he was wrong is by conquering all of china and uniting it under one law. Ryo Fui points out that their is already civil unrest within Qin, and that as the other states become conquered its citizens will likely reject Qin authority.

However, El Sei holds firm to his ambition and will, and says that people are the light, and that they will be able to live in harmony amongst each other. With these words, Sei asks Ryo Fui his intentions. Ryo Fui says that he doesn’t plan on going against Sei, and that he understands his current situation. He tells Sei that he should have been killed after the Rou Ai rebellion, and that it even makes sense for Sei to order his execution now.

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Ryo Fui offers Sei one piece of advice. He states that Sei’s greatest strength is also his greatest weakness. This is Sei’s compassion. Ryo Fui believes that Sei’s compassion may lead people to take advantage of him in the future. Shockingly, they both embrace in a hug, before Sei departs.

One month later, Sei gets some news. Ryo Fui has continued to gather supporters, and Sei realizes that it is time for him to die. However, before he can give the order, news emerges that Ryo Fui has committed suicide by drinking poison. This effort effectively ends any real threat against Sei.

At the end of the chapter, we see a carriage and a discussion going on between people. We learn that Ryo Fui is not actually dead, and that he instead staged his own death. Ryo Fui wants to see the world that Sei creates, even as a poor and powerless person.

Kingdom 649 Spoilers & Predictions:

kingdom 649 can go in a variety of ways. We can see a return to the battlefield, Riboku meeting with Shi Ba Shou, and/or more reaction to Ryo Fui’s death. I believe that one character who needs to be shown is the Queen mother. The Queen mother has a history with Ryo Fui, and it would be interesting if his “death” would finally allow some common ground to form between Sei and his mom.

Because over a month has gone by in the manga we can expect that Riboku has reached and had conversations with Shi Ba Shou by now. It would be nice to see an update on that front, and any possible plans with the three great heaven’s candidate.

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If its a return to the battlefield, I would really like for Ten to give us the rundown of what is happening. Ten could provide readers with their current Zhao general target, Zhao’s defense line, and the positioning of the Ri Shin army’s own troops. Will Kyoukai be in charge of her own wing? Will a combination of Sosui and En make up another wing? I can’t wait to see how Ten positions everyone, and the reasoning for it.

Kingdom 649 Raw and Release date:

Kingdom 649 will be released on Thursday July 30th. You will find the highest quality translation of the chapter at Please support Hara-sensei, when Kingdom becomes available in English. don’t forget to check our latest posts: One Piece 985 & My hero academia 285

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