Kingdom 640 Raw, Kingdom chapter 640 Spoilers and Release date

a new chapter is out and fans are already looking for Kingdom chapter 640 raw scans and Spoilers and release date. Hello friends and welcome! Finally, we have come to the near end of the Zhao Western Invasion Arc. Before proceeding, please understand that the post below will contain heavy spoilers of the most recent chapter, and offer a prediction of what’s to come next. Enjoy!

Kingdom Chapter 639 Discussion (Recap):

kingdom Chapter 639, starts off with the Qin army gorging themselves with the food from Qi. Finally, the tension from a relentless battle is relieved. Even Ten, is able to relax upon learning that there is nothing left for them to do in the short term. After speaking with Mouten, Shin goes on to explain to Ten that Gyou now has 6 months’ worth of food. With that much time, the Qin army can regain their strength at their leisure within the impregnable city.

From Gyou we are taken to Kanyou, where we find a large celebration taking place in the royal capital. Sei is seen thinking about all the steps that needed to happen in order to get to this point, and all the officers involved in the victory. He is especially proud of Shin, who truly outdid himself.

Not everyone is cheery in this chapter though. Riboku is shown as a prisoner, and speaks with Kaku Kai. Kaku Kai informs Riboku that the blame for the failure at Shukai Plains is solely on Riboku’s shoulders. He expects that Riboku will be executed shortly. However, Riboku doesn’t seem to mind and only wants Kaku Kai to relay a message to his officers. If Zhao can reach a peace agreement with Yan, and get Wei to invade Qin territory, than Qin will not be able to focus solely on Retsubi.

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Unfortunately for Riboku, Kaku Kai never delivers the message. This prompts Shou Hei Kun to send the Tou army to Retsubi finally end the war.

Kingdom Chapter 640 Spoilers and Predictions :

In terms of kingdom 640, Riboku feared what would happen if Wei does not hold the Tou army’s attention at the Wei border. The reason is that the Tou army could then disengage the Wei army and attack Retsubi to reestablish the supply line with Qin. Riboku also knew that Retsubi would be surrounded by the Qin armies of Ryouyou and Gyou as well. This would make the Southern part of Zhao, officially Qin territory.

In kingdom chapter 640, we will likely see the immediate withdrawal of Zhao forces in Retsubi. The Zhao generals would recognize that they would not be able to stop the Qin onslaught. Upon reclaiming Retsubi, hopefully, readers will be treated to Shin and the Tou army being reunited. The reactions the Tou army will have upon learning that Shin has successfully killed Houken, and avenged their lord (Ouki) will make this chapter special.

Can’t wait for Kingdom 640! Thanks for reading! See you next week. Make sure to check our latest posts: One-piece 978 & Kimetsu no Yaiba 203

Kingdom Chapter 640 Raw and Release date :

kingdom Chapter 640 will be released on Thursday, April 23rd. and fans will be able to discuss kingdom 639 on Reddit and other social platforms. You can find the chapter on, for the best quality translation. Although Kingdom is not currently published in English, please support Hara-sensei when it is.

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