Kami no Tou Tower of God Episode 4: Spoilers, Preview and Release date

Hey everyone! This post will discuss Kami no Tou Tower of God Episode 4 as well as the recent episode of the anime adaptation of the very popular web series Tower of God. This post will contain spoilers for the latest episode, so please make sure that you’ve caught up with the anime before reading on!

Kami no Tou Tower of God Episode 3 Discussion:

Tower of God Episode 3 continues with the teams moving on to the third test. We initially get to see a glimpse of what seems to be Khun’s past involving his half sister Maria and him remembering it, then being yanked back to reality by Bam talking to him. Bam and Khun then talk about the sky. It’s an almost melancholic moment as we realize that Bam has never seen the sky in his life as Khun explains that the sky inside the tower is just a simulation of the real sky. The team waits for their turn to participate in the test when a rather elastic looking guy helps them with some clues to deal with the 3rd test that’s basically choosing a door out of 12 doors in five minutes.

As our main team faces the test, Khun becomes stuck with memories of his past as he tries to outthink the test and it’s ultimately Rak’s ‘instincts’ that help them choose a door and pass the test. During this, we see Khun’s past where it’s depicted that Khun’s family was exiled as his half sister failed to become a Princess of Zahard. As the various teams pass the third test, the Ranker of the second test Lero Ro appears and informs the participants of a Bonus test, the ‘Crown’ game where the teams would have to get hold of a crown and defend it for five rounds. We see Anak Zahard’s team enter for round 1 as she displays exceptional skill with her whip in a wonderfully choreographed sequence to obtain and defend the crown alone. Bam, meanwhile, notices a certain yellow haired woman in a team that has joined the others to participate in the bonus test.(Rachel, is that you?) Also, points for what looks like a developing bromance between Khun and Bam. Gives me HxH vibes.

Kami no Tou Tower of God Episode 4 PREDICTIONS AND Spoilers:

As these are the initial episodes of the series, we can bet on the world-building continuing in the next episode too. We’ll probably also get a reveal of who the woman Bam noticed really is. I don’t really expect it to be Rachel because we just started with the tests and the basic world-building. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s really her because after all, she also wanted to climb the tower so her being a part of these tests could be expected. We’ll also probably see the continuation of the Crown test with the other teams participating too. Honestly, I am really interested in seeing more of team Anak Zahard. Hopefully, we might also get a cool fight between this team and our main team.

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Kami no Tou Tower of God Episode 4 Release date and details:

Tower of God continues to be a well-paced, interesting show with episode 4 releasing on 22nd April. What did you guys think of this episode? How will our main guys fare against someone like Anak? Is the yellow-haired woman Rachel? How will Bam react if it’s her? Share your thoughts in the comments below!!

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