Arte Anime Episode 3 Release date, Spoilers and where to watch online

Arte is a noble woman who enjoys art above anything so she decides to be an artist, however, being born in the sixteen century at Florence, Italy in the middle of the renaissance era sets her a rough part to follow due her being a female and art considered only a profession for males at that time. But she is willing to take such hard part in order to reach her dream. This is her story of facing the obstacles of that period of time due her gender in order to fulfill her dream.

Based on Kei Ookubo manga, the “girl power” quota is delivered this season through this anime, produced by Seven Arcs (White Album), directed by Takayuki Hamana (The prince of tenis) and music by Goro Ito.

Arte Episode 2 Discussion:

On these first two episodes it left clear the scenario on which Arte must face off if she wants to succeed in being recognized as an artist. Which set the plot a challenge of not making the element of sexual discrimination tiresome nor tedious during it’s runnig. A challenge which will be interesting to see since the set-up of the premise make it as not only the main but also recurrent obstacle.

In the first episode Arte starts her journey by searching to be accepted as an apprentice in a workshop after her mother set her drawings on fire and demanded her to focus in becoming a good woman so she can get married with a good man. After many failed attempts an artist named Leo takes her as an apprentice due finding on her his younger self when he was aiming to be an artist as well.

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On the second episode, Arte now must get used to live as an apprentice and thus do the labor of such despite being female. Here Angelo, another apprentice from another workshop, is introduced to the story who is amazed at Arte doing stuff that was meant to be only done by males while she fights to overcome the perception of what a woman should be in her environment in order to meet the task she is ordered to do.

Arte Episode 3 Spoilers And predictions:

So far, the interactions between Arte and Leo and how she may grow from it could become a stellar element in the story followed by how Arte’s persistance may re-shape the view of the people around her about women as we saw on Angelo by the ending of episode 2.

Arte episode 3 release date and Where to watch online:

Arte is currently streaming on Funimation, Hulu and Animelab and the third episode is expected to debut this Saturday 18th (UTC -5).

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