The Promised Neverland Chapter 176 Spoilers, Release date and Discussion

Hi & Welcome to my analysis of the latest chapter of TPN, where I will be discussing The Promised Neverland Chapter 176 as well as the latest chapter. Please make sure to catch up with the latest chapters if you haven’t already as this post contains spoilers.

The Promised Neverland Chapter 175 Discussion:

The Promised Neverland Chapter 175 pick up straight from where we left off last week with the common through prediction of Lewis’s return stopping Musica’s execution. As he’s the last living aristocrat he is the highest ranking demon which means he is very much the king. He wastes no time, immediately removing the remaining regent houses that manage the farms, promises to distribute Musica’s blood to al the citizen and most important, he orders the closure of all farms. 

This is a monumental decision, which causes a lot of confusion among the demon citizens, they justify the decision to eat humans as a means to keep their intelligent and bipedal forms, without the meat they would just degenerate. However the introduction of Musica’s blood to the demon race promises to remove these sorts of worries, they don’t need to worry about being controlled by a monarch and system which can leverage the only way the demons have of remaining in an intelligent form.

It’s an important point to note that the blood properties that saves the demons from degenerating meaning that no longer need to eat human blood is said to be hereditary meaning future demons are safe as they inherit this directly from their parents. This fact is vital to stop any form of oppression occurring by any ruling party.

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As the demons rejoice of this liberation from their biological weakness, they cheer for their new king lewis, however as expected he turns down this honour as he doesn’t believe himself to be worthy. In his past he indulged in hunting humans for sport, so for him to oversee a new age is in his mind not right. He then predictably suggests Musica to be the new monarch as she spent her whole life in exile for trying to share her abilities with the demons, she has struck up a wonderful friendship with Emma, gaining the trust of the Gracefield kids which means only she really was the correct choice to usher in the new era.

The Promised Neverland Chapter 176

Lewis has a flashback which answers the question of how he survived, as expected he had two cores just like the queen, then he decided to hide away in a remote village till now as he was ashamed of his defeat, but the news of the Queens defeat spurred him into action to oversee the transition to the new era and minimise the chaos which may have occurred if the demons had no proper rulers to control them.

The Demon sages coronate Musica in front of the demon citizens, then the sages tell the citizens that they too bear a responsibility in this new era as they were previously blind to the corruption of the monarchy.

We now switch back to the children, who can see the coronation of Musica and are overjoyed as they see the dawn of a new era, the dreams of freedom they desperately longed for are no longer distant fantasies but a reality unfolding in front their very eyes.

The last panels show the children rejoicing, then you see Emma dashing off, no need to wonder where, she’s made a bee line straight for Gracefield farm, where after all this time, she’s gone back to keep her promise and rescue a slightly older Phil. A real tear jerker moment, if you didn’t cry over how this story became a trainwreck that is.

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The Promised Neverland Chapter 176 Predictions:

The Promised Neverland Chapter 176 Predictions, we’re now right at the end of the story, we will probably see how the demons and humans create a society of co-existence, Emma Ray and Norman will be busy managing the human side of things, most likely creating a government of sorts to replace the Ratri clan, whilst Musica will be busy distributing her blood to all the demons. A time skip wouldn’t be that surprising either, seeing the kids as adults in a free world which they fought so hard to create will no doubt be a necessary fan service to all the people who stuck around this long for this trainwreck of a story.

The Promised Neverland Chapter 176 Release date:

The Promised Neverland Chapter 176 is scheduled to release on the 10th of May due to jump coronavirus hit, which can be read on the manga plus website. Fans and reader will be able then to discuss The Promised Neverland Chapter 176 Spoilers over Reddit and other Social Platforms. Until that date, you can read our latest posts: Dr. Stone 148, One Piece 978 & Black Clover 248. Raws are out usually a couple of days before, and previous chapters can be read on this site.

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