The Promised Neverland Chapter 177 Spoilers, Release date and Discussion

Hi & Welcome to my analysis of the latest chapter of TPN, where I will be discussing The Promised Neverland Chapter 177 as well as the latest chapter. Please make sure to catch up with the latest chapters if you haven’t already as this post contains spoilers.

The Promised Neverland Chapter 176 Discussion:

We are now at the very end of this story, about 2 or 3 chapters left at most, and it is physically painful to have to read how rubbish this has become. Honestly I couldn’t even bothered to write this but here we go.

Phil and emma have a tearful reunion, then the whole group bundle into Gracefield, their old home, isabella explains to the new mum that the age of human cattle is over, everyone is happy yaaay, the farms are being abolished under the order of Lewis.

Emma has a flashback to show how far they’ve come, the geniuses raised by the demons who wanted a tasty brain to snack on actually ended up using the very talents that made the brains taste so sweet to set up a revolution which shook the very pillars that held up the world they lived in, from mere cattle to world changers, it’s been a tough road for them (and for us as readers too), the typical nakama power pushing Emma to reforge a promise that we still don’t know, or to be honest care about.

The best part of this chapter is probably were we see all the fallen cattle children, the most prominent being Yugo. One could even say the series died when Yugo did, which I would have to agree with as everything after Goldy pond was quite horrific, the story was shoddy, pacing horrible, ass pull galore and typical emma plot armour. You would be hard pressed to recall that the author that masterfully wrote the initial gracefield crescent arc with the suspense and mystery was the same one that is defiled his own genius and bastardised it to such an extent that nobody will ever remember this story except for “wow that story went to shit real fast” or “what could have been”. You would have thought that after what happened SNS would serve for a warning to the editors of Jump to not let any other series follow suite, but they spectacularly failed at keeping two of their best stories in their publication on the straight and narrow. 

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Anyway back to the story, we have the most contrived meaningless sequence of events, where one of the demon guards has decided he doesn’t want to play ball, he will instead of listening to his superiors instead attempt to just eat all the kids because they were raised to be eaten and nobodies taking away his brains. As such when the demon is launching into his frenzied attack, nobody from the team that toppled civilisation like 3 chapters ago was ready to foresee such a turn of events that the demons might be resistant to the idea of their favourite food source being effectively banned forever, meaning that nobody could intercept the demon, except of course Isabella.

Predictably she jumps in front of the demon, gets impaled and blah blah she’s going to bleed out and die in front of the kids, wow such amazing story telling.

The Promised Neverland Chapter 177 Predictions:

in term of The Promised Neverland Chapter 177, Well Isabella is now dying on the floor, bleeding out and will say how she deserves it, everyone will be sad, isabella will tell emma, protect the future, i’m so proud of you being your mum, meanwhile Ray will just be in the background watching his actual biological mother butchered to death in gory fashion, the young kids who on the day that they should be celebrating a new era will be scarred for life suffering from PTSD anytime anyone mentions the new era because their precious mother who they all loved just got brutally violated in front of their very eyes.

Remember Dexter, the TV show? He started out when he saw his mother brutally ripped apart with a chainsaw, well now we just created the next generation of serial killers, a lovely gift for the human world.

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A pointless death if there ever was one, it serves no purpose, if Isabella has chosen to die when the children were initially escaping right at the beginning, it would have been the perfect character redemption and Isabella would have gone down as one of the best written villainesses ever in Jump history but instead we got a drawn out, thoroughly watered down almost sabotaged character assassination that adds isabella to a whole host of characters that nobody will ever care about.

Only real thing left is the promise Emma reforged with that demon thing, probably the only reason anyone hang around this long to even see where this story was headed left to reveal. I don’t have a clue what the promise will be, but it’s just going to be a disappointment so who even cares. Will emma sacrifice her life? Will emma be forced to live with that lonely demon? Or will she has to be that guys guide to the human world which is more fun to be involved with then just sitting in a dark room staring through a screen (sorry for those that got personally attacked here).

The Promised Neverland Chapter 177 Release date:

The Promised Neverland Chapter 177 is scheduled to release on the 17th of May which can be read on the manga plus website. Fans and readers will be able then to discuss The Promised Neverland Chapter 177 Spoilers over Reddit and other Social Platforms. Until that date, you can read our latest posts: One piece 980, kimetsu no Yaiba 205 & My Hero academia 271. Raws are out usually a couple of days before, and previous chapters can be read on this site.

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