the Promised Neverland chapter 169 Spoilers, Predictions and Release date

Hello Guys, in this post we’ll be discussing the Promised Neverland chapter 169 as well as giving some thought about 168. If you aren’t up to date with the series and would like to avoid spoilers feel free to stop reading now, a link will be provided for readers at the end of the page to read the manga. This discussion will cover spoilers, predictions and a source to read the latest chapter.

the Promised Neverland chapter 168 Recap :

In the promised Neverland episode 168, Emma, ​​Rey, and Norman arrived at the basement floor reception room, but Peter Lartley was not there. What they saw was actually fake footage nicely done by Peter who should get credit for. While it’s is fun to see the table has been turned down in Peter Favor, some fans just seem furious about it and only want the arc to come to an end for the children’s favor. after feeling tricked, Norman immediately contacted Vincent, and as expected Peter, himself responded who take Vincent as hostages.

the Promised Neverland chapter 169

Vincent who is the main heart of the whole operation, detained by Peter Lartley, tells Norman to carry out the plan without worrying about himself.
Peter Lartley, who exaggerated his attitude, shoots Vincent, who has the key to the Room control.
The next time he aimed his gun at Nigel, Oliver appeared from behind and pointed his gun at Peter Lartley.

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the Promised Neverland chapter 169 Predictions :

in the previous chapter, Vincent was shot by Peter. he seems like he’s dead because he has shed a lot of blood and has fallen to the floor. but is he actually dead?. if Petter has the intention of killing Vincent he should simply have pointed the gun to his head instead of shooting his left shoulders. in the meantime, Peter’s minions seem to be hardly struggling to unlock the system who has a triple password made by Vincent; the only one who can unlock it. depending on what has been said, Vincent will unlikely be dead in ch169.

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the Promised Neverland chapter 169

On the other side, Oliver and others appear to be behind Peter Lartley’s minions. Peter Lartley is already gun-pointed, and no men or demon come to help. Only Isabella can help Peter Lartley However, there seems to be no benefit to Isabella helping Peter Lartley in this situation. killing Peter doesn’t seem like the best option currently. so there is a chance Petter might still alive in the next chapter

the Promised Neverland chapter 169

in addition, children who were told that the executions of Songju and Musica were imminent were apparent from the fact that they did not really know about the execution.
The keys to helping Sonju and Musica would be the newly revived priests, the four wise men who have not yet awakened, the auras and Mauras who have been given evil blood, and the militiamen who have realized the truth.
In particular, Aura and Maura, who has the power of evil blood, are so large that they can create demons of the same constitution as Musica with their power. The next chapter will likely reveal some activity about Aura and Maura as well as the great priests and the four wise.

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the Promised Neverland chapter 169 Release Date and where to read online :

The Promised Neverland Chapter 166 is scheduled to be published as usual in the Weekly Shonen Jump on 1 March 2020 (Sunday). Once the chapter and leaks are available on the internet. we’ll update the post. Stay tuned. (you can read chapter 168 Here)

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