We Never Learn Chapter 158 Spoilers, Raw and Discussion

Hi, welcome to my analysis of we never learn chapter 158, where I will talk about what happened in the latest chapter and make some predictions. If you haven’t caught up with the latest chapters then please do as this post contains spoilers

We Never Learn Chapter 156 Recap:

This chapter saw conflict between Sawako and her parents. Apparently due to Sawako isolating herself during her childhood in order to focus on studying, which was indirectly “encouraged” by her parents via gifting her a chemistry set. It led to their parents blaming and fighting on another about the issue. Jump to the present day, Sawako’s parents are in the middle of splitting up and Sawako is unable to reveal her true feelings and continues to keep it in. Until Nariyuki, Misao and Rizu intervene and are determined to help their friend Sawako fix her family.

We Never Learn Chapter 157 Discussion (Spoiler):

Here we get to see the efforts of the trio’s work in order to improve the relationship in the family. Nariyuki and Rizu worked together to create a new personalized board game for Sawako to play with her parents at a board game convention. With the help of Misao who was able to get Sawako’s parent to meet up, Nariyuki and Rizu were able to further persuade them to play the game together. Upon Sawako witnessing her personalized game and triggering her personal childhood memories, it made her be truthful to herself and her parents. Saying that she disliked the idea of them splitting up. Their reaction was also similar. As a result, each individual knew that splitting the family up would be a poor decision and as such progress was made in order to avoid that.

The chapter ends with Nariyuki reminiscing about the past of his father. Ogata then interject by saying “I’m Here… Always [for you]” as a way of supporting Nariyuki whose situation is quite similar to Sawako as he remains quite untruthful and in reality due to his father’s passing, he is quite lonely and depressed.  Ogata’s supportive statement had caused Nariyuki’s heart to beat, signalling the start of his affection for Ogata.  

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we never learn chapter 158

We Never Learn Chapter 158 Predictions:

in terms of We never learn chapter 158, Okay looks like the Sawako’s arc has reached its end. The final two chapters for this volume will most likely be focused on Ogata and Nariyuki finally becoming a couple. And if we were to compare it to the Uraka arc we can most likely expect something significant. I believe because of the most recent chapter on how Ogata called Nariyuki untruthful to himself, he will most likely take the initiative and proceed to take the first steps when confessing to Ogata. Similar to how he also took the initiative when he confessed to Uraka.

With only two more chapters remaining before the next parallel arc, will we be able to get a satisfactory ending? I’ll see you guys next post.

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