We Never Learn chapter 157 Spoilers, Raw and Discussion

New Week, New Chapter. Again, we’ll be recapping chapter 155 and giving a quick analysis of the chapter, then discussing chapter 156. After that proceed to making a prediction for We Never Learn chapter 157.  So, if you haven’t caught up with the We Never Learn Series, you have been warned.

We Never Learn Chapter 155 Recap and Analysis:

back in We Never Learn chapter 155, Sawako stole the whole focus of the chapter, despite it being the Ogata route. The chapter starts with Nariyuki and Ogata surprising Sawako with a birthday party. Some casual shenanigans with sprinkles of fan-service occur at certain points. But we get a lot of in-depth character personalization for Sawako. Which is an interesting point to take in, since she was originally a side character but to get this much focus is indeed surprising. Such traits include Sawako’s lack of friends in her childhood  

Another trait is the strange relationship between Sawako and her parents. There’s a juxtaposition between her flashbacks and the current relationship they hold now. As in her flashbacks they seem like caring parents, however jumping to present times show a cold distance between them, as shown in miss calls from her mother and the lack of enthusiasm to continue on the topic of her parents when the topic is brought up.

We Never Learn chapter 155 ends with a surprise visit from Sawako’s mother. Again, a cold distance is kept between them, despite this though when her mother approaches with a question about returning back home, she agrees.

We Never Learn chapter 157

We Never Learn Chapter 156 Discussion (Spoilers):

Sawako’s mother spends the night at the apartment. She proceeds to show a caring persona to Nariyuki and Ogata, but Sawako has a cold and annoyed impression of it. We learn that Sawako’s parents are separating, and her mother wanted to know if she would like to live together, to which Sawako’s (regretfully) agreed to.

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This led to Sawako running away temporarily in order to hide her feelings because “it’s easier just to pretend that it doesn’t hurt”. She contacts her father who also holds the notion to not fix the issue but rather let it occur. Sawako saddened by these events is eventually discovered by Nariyuki and Ogata with the help of Misao. They proceed to encourage her to open up about her feelings and tell her that they’re there for her.  This triggers a flashback to Sawako’s childhood birthday, where she got a chemistry set, which resulted her getting good grades in school. Unfortunately, this led her to isolating herself studying. This was also brought up in chapter 62, “A Best Friend Illustrates [X] for a Genius” as well. Due to her lack of friends her parents sought blame on one another. Young Sawako believed that she was the catalyst of her parent’s separation. Misao’s backstory was briefly explained as it shows some parallels with Sawako as they both hide their true feelings in order to preserve the mood, despite it hurting themselves.

We never learn chapter 156 concludes with Sawako’s telling them everything and as they return home, Ogata and Misao vow to do something in order to save Sawako.

We Never Learn Chapter 157 Predictions:

in terms of We Never Learn chapter 157 Predictions, Despite it being the Ogata Route, Sawako has the spotlight. This will most likely act as the catalyst that will help deepen the relationship between Ogata and Nariyuki. Alternatively, it may lead to Sawako, after the issues being resolved, giving Ogata that final push to secure her relationship with Nariyuki.

One of Ogata’s character traits at the beginning of the series was that she lacks the ability to read the room or read human emotions that well. Since the fault of her parent’s separation lies between them, rather than Sawako being the cause, Ogata’s final test of this series would be to tackle this issue and tell them directly what the real cause is and how to resolve it. By doing that a peaceful family will be restored.

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That’s all I have left, with 3 chapters remaining in this arc I wonder how Tsutsui-sensei will conclude the ending of the Ogata arc.

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