We Never Learn chapter 156 Spoilers, Raw and Discussion

Another week, another chapter. Like usual we’ll be recapping chapter 154, discussing 155 and then making a prediction for chapter 156 for the We Never Learn Series. So back away now if you haven’t caught up yet!

We Never Learn Chapter 154 Recap:

The major noteworthy events that occurred last chapter was the slight development between Nariyuki and Ogata. We see some sweet couple moments to the point where our characters are aware of it. Ogata even states that the distance between the two of them has shrunken somewhat. Nariyuki even plans to dwell deeper into their relationship by interjection with a question, however, is quickly cut off with Sawako coming in to rescue them. Some trouble occurs on the way but is quickly resolved without much effort. They all return back to the beach where the chapter ends with Fumino mentally cheering Ogata on, as her and Uraka’s lack of participation into confessing their true feelings, allows Ogata to carry forward and try for that relationship.

We Never Learn Chapter 155 Discussion (Spoilers):

We never learn chapter 155 begins at the girls’ apartment celebrating Sawako’s birthday.  Nariyuki and Ogata present their gifts. One of which was a homemade board game by Ogata, which they proceeded to play. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very entertaining for Nariyuki and Sawako. Nevertheless, they continued to play until Misao helped revealed that major boring flaw with the game. Despite Ogata’s crushed enthusiasm, it was quickly revived again, as Sawako had offered better game improvements and ideas, which helped improve the overall enjoyment of the game. Tsutsui Sensei also managed to squeeze in some classy fan service panels of Nariyuki and Sawako, and a few jealous shots from Ogata. Apart from that no major development or key couple events arose from this chapter.

However, near the end we are hinted with some conflict between Sawako and her family. Possibly her mother specifically. She avoids the topic when it was briefly brought up, several miss calls from her mother, and when her mother makes an unexpected arrival, she seems to be quite apathetic and unsurprised. There is some clear tension between these two characters. The chapter ends with Sawako’s mother requesting that she move back home, to which Sawako unexpectedly and enthusiastically agrees to.

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We Never Learn chapter 156

We Never Learn Chapter 156 Predictions:

It will be an interesting read to see what the conflict between Sawako and her parents was since she didn’t look too distraught about the chemistry set her parents gave her. She seems to be enjoying her degree, and her parents support her case. Plus her mother seems to be supportive and affectionate towards her. So what was the possible trigger for all of this? And how will this be resolved? Usually I would expect Nariyuki to resolve this issue using some classic Shonen protagonist powers, but to let Ogata resolve this issue to show how much she has grown wouldn’t be too far-fetched.

Having Sawako act as the foundations for the OgataXNariyuki relationship to be developed from was unexpected. However, it does a bring a fresh perspective, my only concern is that can he easily wrap this up in the limited number of chapters left (4 more left if it follows the trend).  Anyway this’s all I have left, I’ll see you all next post!

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