We Never Learn chapter 154 Spoilers, Raw and Discussion

Heavy spoilers for any newcomers to “We Never Learn”, be warned because we’ll be discussing the latest chapter 153 and recapping chapters 151 and 152 as well and then predicting what chapter 154 has in store. You can read the current chapter here. Now, let’s start the lesson!

We Never Learn Chapters 151 and 152 Recap :

Assuming you’ve caught up you’ll notice Chapter 151 is the start of the Ogata alternative route, “Thumbelina Supercomputer”. It begins by confirming that Ogata is the firework’s girl (Good Job Sawako), then quickly proceeds with a 10-month time skip with everyone in college now. Ogata and Sawako now live together and are attending the same university. We also learn that Nariyuki comes to visit Ogata every day. Unbeknownst to the girls, only Nariyuki can see a Loli Ghost by the name of Misao haunting their apartment. Nariyuki in order to comfort Ogata due to her fearful nature, stays over for the night. Such pampering includes Nariyuki agreeing to holding Ogata’s hand and when alone it was agreed that Nariyuki would be on a first name basis with Ogata. Such formality implies that Nariyuki and Ogata share a special relationship. 

Chapter 152 sees Nariyuki working at the restaurant Ogata’s father runs as well as Ogata and Sawako enjoying some Udon. The paranormal activity from Misao continues as the new apartment that the girls find was the original place that Misao continues to haunt. The haunting trope is continued in order to create such events (and more fan-service events) that make Ogata and Nariyuki bond. We see that both characters feel uneasy with their true emotions. At the end of the chapter we learn that a certain game was made and set between those two, on a faithful Christmas night.  

We Never Learn Chapter 153 Discussion (Spoilers) :

We are introduced with a beach chapter, which was implied in the previous chapter with the swimsuit buying. It starts off by introducing Nariyuki, Ogata, Sawako and Furuhashi helping at the Ogata Udon Beach Café. At one point during the service Ogata invites Nariyuki to find a Rabbit-Eared Shaped Rock however Misao’s jealously causes her to disturb their conversation causing Naruyuki to react and prevent any unnecessary dilemmas, however as such it cause some misunderstandings down the line for Ogata, in which she thought he was ignoring her.

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Eventually Furuhashi and Ogata get relieved off duty and sent for a break where they have a brief discussion about college. Furuhashi then proceeds to ask about Ogata’s relationship with Naruyuki, whether they were dating yet. To which she replies that they were only playing a game.

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The origins of this game go back to the Christmas Chapter during the Ogata’s Arc but introduces a new scene in which Naruyuki and Ogata are seen bonding in her room. Ogata recollects her thoughts and starts to conclude that the feeling she has for Nariyuki was love, however she is determined to make Naruyuki fall for her by challenging him to a game. In which Naruyuki must prove that the firework’s jinx is a mere superstition and false, but in the event of him failing and falling in love with Ogata, she wins the game. The conditions of the game were set up that involved both parties using their first names when alone (This is what Chapter 151 was referring to) and also gives permission for Ogata to see Naruyuki every day. This set up basically demonstrates a fake-play on a girlfriend and boyfriend relationship.

We Never Learn Chapter 154

Eventually, we are returned back to the present. Ogata is alone at the Bunny Eared-Statue (Misao’s accompanies her but she can’t see her) and is uneasy and annoyed without Naruyuki’s presence. Suddenly Nariyuki appears as promised, surprising Ogata and instantly cheering her up. Ogata’s excitement gets the better of her and proceeds to hold his hand whilst saying some embarrassing dialogue, to which both blush in response.

The chapter ends when the characters discover they will be marooned on a small portion of the beach, as high tide approaches and separates them from the main beach. Naruyuki and Ogata (And Misao) are now stuck on this island left to themselves until high tide ends.

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We Never Learn Chapter 154 Predictions :

We can most likely expect from We Never Learn Chapter 154 to be the last of the Ogata route. With the Perfect environment, the ideal confession setting has been made. Considering we have seen both characters blush in embarrassment we can assume that both feelings are mutual. But since Ogata is such a determined player, Naruyuki must be the one to confess his feelings. To which Ogata’s response may vary. To a jumping hug similar to Takemoto or an instant verbal response. However, we cannot forget the penalty action that the loser must be forced to do. We can probably expect a sweet romantic kiss to reflect back to their original accidental kiss during the camp arc. I’ll see you guys next week for the finale of the Ogata Ritzu route!

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