We Never Learn chapter 155 Spoilers, Raw and Discussion

Like usual heavy spoilers for any newcomers to We Never Learn Chapter 155. We’ll also be recapping Chapter 153 and focusing on any key elements that were important for the build-up for chapter 154. Keep reading till the end to see the predictions for chapter 155. Now Let’s begin the lesson!

We Never Learn Chapter 153 Recap:

In the previous chapter we saw what the game Ogata and Nariyuki were playing, which consisted of Nariyuki proving the Firework’s Jinx is nothing but a superstition, but if held true and Nariyuki falls in love with Ogata, she wins. As such it created conditions in which the relationship between Ogata and Nariyuki acted as fake lovers. Time skip to the present, we have the beach chapter where they are working in her father’s Udon restaurant. Near the end we find the two meeting up at their designated “date” location, trapped on a island, “alone”, for author to give more flirting panels or maybe even a confession?

We Never Learn Chapter 154 Discussion (Spoilers) :

The chapter begins with Ogata and Nariyuki (and also Misao) stranded on the island. Due to high tide, they assume they would be stuck until the morning, so as a result they choose to construct a fire to fight against the cold night. Unfortunately, Nariyuki is unable to start the fire so he offers Ogata his shirt to keep her warm. This led to some surprise affection between the two, as Ogata who appreciated his offer was conscious about Nariyuki’s well being as well. But with the help of Misao, a small fire was constructed in which they could both huddle close together. During this moment we seem them reminiscing over the past. At this point Nariyuki ponders about his relationship with Ogata. How he views it as more affectionate but also more natural, compared to what they had previously. At then we suddenly get panel featuring their faces close together, teasing a possible kiss. But Nariyuki interjects with a question regarding their relationship but is quickly interrupted by Sawako, rowing in with her small paddle boat.

We Never Learn chapter 155

Chaos ensues, with her falling in and Nariyuki and Ogata jumping in to save her, but in end it is left to Misao to save the day by pulling Sawako up, who in turn helped Nariyuki and Ogata. After that we return to the beach, where Fumino and Ogata’s father greet them with their worries. Fumino questions their disappearance and ponders about this game that Ritzu is playing. How instead of it being a playful challenge, it’s really acting as a pretense of their lover’s relationship and bring them closer together.  We then get a brief flashback to the Christmas arc, however seen from the perspective of Fumino and Uraka, who catch the flirtatious challenge between the Nariyuki and Ogata. Both girls seem to understand the idea of this game and understand Ogata’s feelings for Nariyuki. As result we see both of them retain and bury their feelings to allow Ogata and Nariyuki’s relationship to flourish further. The Chapter ends with Fumino wishing the best of luck for Ogata.

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We Never Learn Chapter 155 Predictions :

Okay, so my last prediction didn’t go as plan. I honestly thought the mood Tsutsui Sensei was building would lead to the confession and arc climax, but alas that wasn’t the case. If we take the Uraka story as an example she had nine chapters (enough for one volume, like the other volumes), we can assume that the Ogata arc will last 9 chapters as well. But I wouldn’t be surprised if we ended next chapter, then continue with the Fumino story, so they could share a volume together.

In terms of we never learn chapter 155, we’ll possibly expect to see to some confrontation between the two, as we can see the mutual affection between the two is becoming obvious, enough so that Nariyuki questions their current relationship. But the question remains, who will strike the first move?

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