What’s up guys? So, My Hero Academia has been dropping some pretty heated up chapters week after week and things are only getting worse for our heroes as Shigaraki wrecks havoc upon them all. With Deku and Bakugo also jumping into the battle, My Hero Academia 277 would undoubtedly be action packed. But there’s a week to go till BNHA 277 and as we wait for it, let’s talk about what’s going to happen to one of the most popular characters, the ex number one hero All Might as Shigaraki asserts his power in the hero society.

MY HERO ACADEMIA 277 All Might Death flags:

All Might needs no introduction. He’s the guy singularly responsible for whatever has happened in the manga till date. From AFO’s defeat and him choosing a successor to him being incarcerated, from Deku being a quirk less nobody to being put on the path of becoming the greatest hero ever, or even the hero society’s decline as the manga indicates, every thing is directly or indirectly due to All Might and his choices. Where’s the ex number one now? He’s currently quirk less and is baby sitting Eri and watching his students, comrades and successor fight against Shigaraki in a death match. 

Due to All Might’s current condition and his inability to contribute much to the plot otherwise, fans are speculating that All Might will be dead in this arc. He was also said to be the character with the biggest death flag in the manga, bigger than even Hawks’ or Endeavors’.

All Might is currently quirk less and by extension defenseless and sitting in UA unprotected. This was a guy who was the symbol of the peak of Hero society that is said to be in a decline since his retirement. Shigaraki is a villain who aims to destroy everything but predominantly the hero society. He wants to kill heroes and rule over the people. Being a guy who despises heroes with all his being, he’ll either kill or imprison the heroes. There are two reasons why Shigaraki will kill All Might even though he currently poses no threat to him or the other villains.

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MY HERO ACADEMIA chapter 277

Firstly, because he would want to take revenge for the incarceration and the brutal defeat of AFO. The reason why AFO is currently in the form he is in, is all due to All Might’s battles with him. And for Shigaraki, AFO has always served as a father figure who’s currently crippled and imprisoned. Secondly, All Might represents something that will prevent people from completely submitting to him: Hope. Shigaraki knows that as long as All Might is still alive, people will have hope for the heroes save them and will never consider him the true ruler of the society. The death of All Might could serve as a tool for Shigaraki to drive the point home that the hero society has really been destroyed as it will be an inexplicably shocking event for the general public and the heroes who revered and respected him and will serve as a huge blow to their morales. It could mark the beginning of a successful reign of the villains. His death will be a turning point for the manga!

Plotwise, All Might dying will serve as a motivating factor for Deku, a final push for him to try and attempt to replicate the greatness that his mentor and his father figure represented. Deku could very well escape to a foreign country and train to his fullest to master OFA and come back to defeat Shigaraki and avenge his mentor. Another reason plotwise, is that All Might currently serves no purpose in the story as a quirk less hero.

Previously All Might was a depressed individual who, after transferring OFA and training Deku tells Aizawa that he wants to keep on living. This, in manga language, is basically him planting a huge death flag onto his own head.

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As to how Shigaraki will kill him, it’s entirely possible that after the defeat of the top heroes which is basically what’s been taking place in the past few chapters, Shigaraki will go and attack the first place that manufactures heroes: UA, where All Might currently is and personally kill him to shatter the hero society.


My Hero Academia 277 will see Deku and Bakugo’s battle with Shigaraki as he stomps over all the heroes and dries out Aizawa’s eyes. Gigantomachia who was summoned to Jakku could show up in My Hero Academia 277 or we could get a perspective shift to the PLF mansion. We’ve seen top heroes bite the dust in the previous chapters and it looks like top heroes will continue to bite the dust as chapters go on.

Other than All Might, some of the heroes with the biggest death flags include Endeavor, Aizawa, Torino and basically any one near Shigaraki. Fans are also speculating that Bakugo will lose his quirk in this arc.My Hero Academia 277 will release on July 5! 

So what do you guys think will happen to All Might? Will he survive this arc? What will happen in My Hero Academia 277? Will Aizawa be able to keep on stopping Shiggy? Wilk Gigantomachia appear? Share your thoughts in the comments below! & don’t forget to check our latest posts: Black Clover 256 & Dr Stone 157

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