Boku no My Hero Academia chapter 305 Spoilers, Bnha 305 Raw scans

So, we’re back to Deku with this chapter we’ve all been waiting and most of us had already guessed, Deku is having a nice meeting with his predecessors and we are getting a lot of information regarding OFA, the actual quirk itself.

My Hero Academia 304 Discussion:

We learn that AFO has actually gotten stronger these past few months, and the powers from each of the previous incarnations have become more apparent, allowing for scenarios such as what we are witnessing now to come to fruition.

The fourth user of AFO appears now and starts talking. Now if you cast your minds back, you will remember when All Might was doing his investigation on all the previous wielders of OFA, he was reluctant to bring up the 4th wielders past, and now we will find out what the issue was. The fourth users name is Hikori Shinomori and his quirk is danger sense, which Deku used a little while before. As a quick recap, this quirk is basically the same as Peter Parkers Spidey sense, where they get a little buzz which makes them aware of any sort of incoming attack/general danger.

Shinomori goes on to explain that his era was quite a dangerous one, as we can imagine where the freedom with quirks led to quite the wild and violent society, so he decided to just leave devote himself to building up the quirk he possessed, far from society and AFO.

In the end he says he lived up to the age of 40, and then died, however the reason for this only becomes apparent after All Mights investigation into his predecessors comes to light, where Shinomoris autopsy shows that he actually died from old age.

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This information is quite interesting, as someone at 40 dying would certainly not be labelled as old age, but seeing as it was, there must be more to it. He goes on to describe how AFO cannot be wielded by an ordinary person, and as he worked on amassing strength for his quirk, he ended up getting physical scars on his body, which was.

a manifestation of his life force being eaten away by his overpowered quirk. The quirk was too much for his body to take, and internalised a lot of damage which is what he succumbed from.

This information reveals why All Might was being shifty about revealing to Deku, and it made sense, if OFA really is such a dangerous quirk then the user will have to accept that constant usage of it will shorten their own lifespan which is somewhat unsettling to know at this stage.

All Might now does a general comparison between all the other wielders of OFA, but because all the rest died in battle he can only use himself to compare to Shinomori and the key difference between the two is that All Might was quirkless, whilst Shinomori was not. This particular fact can change a lot, as Deku is also a quirkless individual.

The analogy of a vessel is used, where a quirk holder has a vessel already filled with liquid, and adding OFA to the vessel would cause it to spill over and potentially damage the vessel, however All Might who had no quirk had an empty vessel and therefore was a perfect fit for the quirk, which he made his own. The true nature of OFA is revealed, it’s not meant for a quirk holder, it’s meant for the ones with no quirk at all, to empower the powerless.

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Deku now realised the “normal people” they speak of in this series are the people who do in fact have quirks, as quirkless individuals are a rarity in this world, so rare in fact that they might not even exist as the generations go on,

which is why the possibility of Deku being the last wielder of OFA is looking incredibly likely. What this also means is that basically, Deku has to defeat AFO, because there probably won’t be another person coming after him.

Now the very last panel, Nana quite suddenly and bluntly asks Deku if he can kill Shigi, which is pretty serious, almost like Avatar Roku asking Aang if he can kill the fire lord.

My Hero Academia chapter 305 predictions:

Now with that info dump chapter mostly explained, Nanas question will be one that Deku will need to consider greatly, can Deku kill someone? The answer to this question is most likely going to be no, Deku will try and pick the heroic path which will be to pry Shigi from AFOs side and turn him good, or at least stop him from being bad.

This is a Shounen after all, so this element of saving someone and them getting redemption is a classic cliche that we most likely will see Deku at least attempt.

One way I could see this happening is Deku eventually beating Shigi but being unable to finish him off then someone like Stain jumps in and just chops Shigis head off or something, or maybe Deku is within inches of thrashing the life out of Shigi but Uraraka appears to bring the humanity back into Deku and stop him from becoming a murderer.

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In the immediate future however Deku will probably have to try and think of a satisfactory answer to Nanas question, can he kill Shigi? Quite a heavy question for a naive young budding hero, who is meant to save people, not kill them.

Will he kill, no, he will save, it’s in Dekus nature to save people, we see throughout the series he is already saving Todoroki, Iida, Kota and even Bakugo to some extent, it’s clear as day Deku will try and come up with his own way to save Shigi, it’s not in his nature to hurt people.

My Hero Academia chapter 305 release date:

BNHA 305 will be released on the 14th Mars, which can be found on mangaplus or viz.that’s all for today guys, keep on eye in this post as we will be updating it in a daily basis by adding the latest spoilers as soon as they get out.

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